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19th Congress of KKE

Meetings concerning the work in the labor movement and the Education front

The foreign delegations of Communist Youth Organizations and Anti-imperialist Youth Organizations from all over the world which participated in the 12th Congress of KNE had a meeting with cadres of the KKE and a discussion for the work of the Party in the labor movement on February 17th.

YotaTavoularis and YannisTasioulas members of the CC of the KKE and members of the Section of the CC for the labor and trade unionist work, welcomed the foreign delegations for this meeting in the Headquarters of the Central Committee. The opening speech was addressed by YotaTavoularis, followed by interesting questions and discussion.


Correspondingly rich was also the discussion and exchange of experience at the meeting of the delegations of the Communist Youth Organisations with cadres of the Education and Research Section of the CC of the KKE, on the same day. On behalf of the Education and Research Section, Kelly Papaioannou and Dimitris Kilakos welcomed the delegates. Dimitris Koilakosaddressed the opening to the discussion.

KNE 2011