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19th Congress of KKE

Solidarity with the people of Venezuela - Internationalist Event of KNE

In the framework of the 12th Congress of KNE, the CC of KNE organized, on Saturday 6 th of February 2019, an Internationalist Political and Cultural Event of Solidarity with the people of Venezuela. In the event attended the 30 Communist Youth Organizations and anti-imperialist organizations that participated to the 12 th Congress of KNE. In the event on behalf of the Communist Youth of Venezuela – JCV a greeting message was addressed by its National Secretary, Janohi Rosas, and on behalf of the Embassy of Venezuela in Athens, a greeting message was addressed by the Charge d’affaires of the Embassy, Freddy Jesús Fernández Torres. Here are presented some extensive parts of the speech of Nikos Zacharopoulos, member of the CC of KNE.

Extracts from the speech of N.Zacharopoulos, member of the Bureau of the CC of KNE, in the event of solidarity with the people of Venezuela that KNE heldon February 16th

Tonight, here from Athens, we send a massive internationalist message of solidarity to the millions ofyoung men and women, tothe workers and the people of Venezuela!

We say bluntly, without saying “yes, but”, without mincing our words that: We denounce the imperialist intervention of the USA-NATO-EU in Venezuela. And we denounce it in every form, either as an open military intervention or as an attempted coup or by using both forms. But also we denounce it when done with ultimatums “dressed-up” with fine expressions,such as “diplomatic mediation”, and pressures for the so-called “free and democratic elections”.

For us, the only one responsible for the developments in Venezuela is the people of the country that must decide by themselves – without external interventions – for their present and future. The Venezuelan people have every right to struggle for the development pathway they want to follow! Theyhave every right to struggle against the imperialists and their interventions, for the contemporary rights and the satisfaction of their needs that the capitalist system deprives from them!


The exploiters wag the finger

Now the imperialists are concerned about Venezuela, about its people… Of course! But who are they to talk? Really, who?

  • The one talking about the low standard of living of the people is the American President Trump …but, he is talking about the people in Venezuela! Because, the 25% of the billionaires worldwide may be living in the USA, but also there are 41 million people living under the threshold of poverty. The person talking about violation of the people’s rights is the President supported by the Nazi murderers of Ku Klux Klan and in Greece by the Nazi-criminal Golden Dawn, the President of the imperialist force that has more than 800 US military bases worldwide prepared for war and has launched wars in all continents.
  • The one talking about “repression of the opposition in Venezuela” is Macron, while only in the previous months in France there were 3,300 protesters arrested, 2,000 people injured by the riot police forces and 8 people died. In addition, no one can forget the…democratic images after a students’ mobilisation in France with the dozens of high-school students kneeling with their hands behind their hands, surrounded by armed police officers as if they were prisoners in a concentration camp.
  • The one talking about millions of refugees and immigrants fleeing from Venezuela is da Costa, the President of Portugal where the 21% of its citizens have left the country, and at the same time, President Sanchez is talking about “conditions under which no one can live”, while Spain has the second highest unemployment level in Europe.
  • The one talking about a narco-dictatorship in Venezuela is the President of Colombia, of the country exporting 65% of the global cocaine trade, the one talking about corruption of the Maduro government is the President of Argentina, one of the first names in the “Panama Papers”, the one talking about violation of human rights in Venezuela is the far-right President of Brazil, Bolsonaro, who said that he is going to “wipe those red bandits off the map”, who is aligned with Trump’s foreign policy and sows racism and nationalism in the Brazilian society.

Of course, we have not mentioned the above to idealise the difficult situation in which the Venezuelan people live. We know that the economic crisis that the workers of the country experience today is a result of the capitalist mode of production and this situation is being deteriorated by the embargo and the imperialist interventions.

But when the exploiters, the managers of capitalist barbarity in their own countries, the liberals, social-democrats, far-rights, all together are wagging the finger,it is too much. Just like in an EU level, they are all promoting the dangerous decisions of the Union of the European capital. In this case, we can really say “look who’s talking”…

This is why we say that they are liars, they are hypocrites! These are the American and European imperialists!

The dirty propaganda must not pass

Our stance of principle all of these years allows us to call spade a spade with regards to the role of the political forces in Greece.

Therefore, we denounce – because it is in the interests both of the Venezuelan and the Greek people – the SYRIZA government that conceals the criminal intervention of the USA, since in all of its releasedstatementsdid not even mention once the USA and their responsibilities. And how could it since it has become the best standard-bearer of the American policies in eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans… Its stance is provocative and an insult to the victims of imperialism around the world. We further denounce the participation of the Greek government in the dangerous EU decisions against the people of Venezuela by which the reactionary opposition forces are being supported.

In addition, we denounce decisively the stance of the ND and the other bourgeois parties that support the intervention in Venezuela, in the name of the important problems that the people of the country experience, while at the same time they conceal – precisely because they support capitalism – that the exploitative system is behind the state of the Venezuelan people and the peoples around the world.

The ND, of course, in order to act as an opposition to SYRIZA, which steals from it all the anti-popular work, turns a blind eye to the hypocritical stance of SYRIZA on the developments in Venezuela. Trying to promote itself as a more genuine “Euro-Atlantic” party, the ND takes the government to task for allegedly not being aligned with its allies, the NATO and the EU and, as it says, for “recognizing the Maduro dictatorship”. SYRIZA utilises precisely that criticism to peddle a “left-like stance” when addressing a different audience.

Besides, this is how the game of bipolarisation is played, so that SYRIZA and ND can each time use the false bipolar scheme “progress” – “maintenance”, especially during the pre-election period of the next months.

And all this, despite the fact that it has been clearly revealed that: The resolution of the European Parliament against the people of Venezuela was being proposed by their partners in the EU: By the European People’s Party, member of which is the ND, the Alliance of Liberals and also the Party of European Socialistsalong with which SYRIZA has been dreaming of “anti-fascist” and “progressive” fronts. Besides, the “Socialist International”, the president of which is George Papandreou, has already expressed its support for the overthrow of the elected President of Venezuela, just as the social-democratic governments of Spain and Portugal did.

Development of the joint struggle

These days in this major for us event, we have with us the delegates of 30 Communist and Anti-imperialist Youth Organisations from all over the world. We commitbefore them to do whatever we can in order to develop our joint struggle, to strengthen the discussion and the exchange of experience amongst our Organisations, to strengthen the struggle of the youth against capitalism in an international level.

Because the heart of every memberof KNE is beating here in Greece, but it is also beating for the people of Venezuela, for the man in the city of Calcutta stopped on his way, for our class brothers in every part of the world the voice of whom we may never hear, for the school students that raise again the BandieraRossa in Italy, for those following today in the footsteps of ComandanteChe Guevara in Latin America and saying “Hasta la Victoria siempre”, forever until the victory.

KNE 2011