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19th Congress of KKE

"Never forget..." Documentary of KNE in honour of the victims of the "Golden Dawn"

This documentary that you can watch with English subtitles is a production of KNE in honour of the victims of the nazi, criminal organization “Golden Dawn” and especially in honour of the anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas, as this year marks 7 years since his murder by members of the “Golden Dawn”.

The “Golden Dawn” after five and half years of trial and under the pressure of the workers’ – people’s movement, with the KKE and KNE at the forefront, was characterized by the court as a criminal organization.



The school-student struggles for essential health protection measures and the activity of KNE

The new school year for the school-students in Secondary Education, has begun in a militant way all over the country with the school-students taking over more than 700 schools, daily protests outside the premises of Municipalities and Regional Headquarters, as well as the great mobilisations of thousands of school-students in the centre of Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities all over Greece.


The New Democracy (ND) government, instead of utilising the extra time that was gained, thanks to the responsible stance of the people and the youth during the previous period, extra time that could be used to fortify the public healthcare system and to prepare the opening of schools and universities with all the necessary health protection measures for the school-students and students, it implemented everything the big businessmen of the tourism and transport sectors demanded, exposing our people to a second wave of COVID-19 cases, while at the same time it provocatively increases the military expenses for aircrafts that will serve the NATO plans.




1. The Central Committee of the KKE met on Monday, September 7, 2020, and examined the tasks and actions of the Party and the KNE under these complex and difficult conditions for the people, formed by the course of international and national developments. These developments are defined by:

  • The further escalation of the intra-imperialist competitions in the Eastern Mediterranean region, which include the contradictions of the bourgeois classes of Greece and Turkey and the escalation of Turkish aggression.
  • The course and outbreak of the pandemic in our country and internationally, the tragic situation in public health systems, the consequences of the pandemic on the life and the rights of the working class and the popular strata, as a result of anti-popular policies and measures.
  • The outbreak, the evolution and the depth of the economic crisis, whose basic cause is not the pandemic, as claimed by bourgeois governments and international organizations. Serious problems of capital over-accumulation pre-existed in world capitalist economy, which mathematically led to a new crisis that was accelerated by the pandemic.
  • The intensification of authoritarianism, repression, and anti-communism, as manifested recently in the voting of the new law for the restriction and ban of demonstrations by the ND government.


Message of Solidarity to the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), on the murder of two DYFI cadres

The International Relations Committee of the CC of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) denounces the barbaric murder of two cadres of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), comrades Haq Muhammad and Mithilaj, in a cowardly and premeditated attack, executed by thugs of the party Congress of Kerala, who were armed with knives.


New brochure of KNE against drug use and addiction

KNE is the only political youth organisation in Greece that struggles against all drugs, against drug use and addiction. The impasse of the capitalist system, which eventually leads to the phenomenon of drug addiction, cannot be confronted by young men and women through the false paradise of drugs. In this struggle the new brochure of the Committee of the CC of KNE Against All Drugs, under the title “Look for the real ”substance”. Say no to all drugs” is one more weapon in our hands. You can find it on our website, translated in English and edited by the International Relations Committee of the CC of KNE.


Declaración de la Juventud Comunista de Grecia por el Día Internacional Contra las Drogas

Las organizaciones de la KNE organizaron numerosos eventos en toda Grecia el día 26 de junio, Día Internacional contra las drogas.

Con eventos reuniones, proyecciones de películas, torneos deportivos, actuaciones artísticas etc. intentamos enviar un mensaje claro en contra de las drogas, mostrando al mismo tiempo, las posiciones de la KNE, promoviendo masivamente la ediciónde la Comisión Contra las Drogas, titulada Busca la esencia real, di NO a las drogas.

La intervención central tuvo lugar el 26 de junio en la plaza Sintagma entre las18:30 y las 21:00.



Numerous activities were organised by KNE’s Organisations all over Greece for 26 June, International Day Against Drugs.

With events, meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, sports tournaments, artistic creation, etc. we are sending a strong message against all drugs, while at the same time we promote KNE's positions, by disseminating in a mass way the publication of the Committee of the Central Council of KNE Against Drugs "Look for the real substance - Say NO to all drugs" (

The central event took place in 26 June at Syntagma Square from 18.30 to 21.00.



Solidarity with the Youth and the people USA

Common Announcement the Communist, Progressive and Anti-imperialist Youth organizations of the world

The Communist, progressive and Anti-imperialist Youth Organizations, that sign this common announcement, we condemn the most recent criminal acts in the USA,  the brutal murder of  Afro-American George Floyd, by the police, and the violent repression and attempted criminalization of  the struggles against racism, injustices and social inequalities. These events have exposed once again the aggressiveness of the USA and its Trump administration in the offensive against the workers and the people of the United States.


Message to the Embassy of Serbia in Greece

“To the Embassy of Serbia in Greece,

The Communist Party of Greece denounces and condemns the exclusion, the unjust and specious discriminations aimed against the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) and its electoral list, after the decision of the Election Commission of Serbia to reject its participation in the Parliamentary election in Serbia, held on 21 June.

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia submitted its candidacy application files in due time, along with the necessary signatures. Nevertheless, the Election Commission invoking certain pretexts did not accept the candidacy application files. Afterwards, the NKPJ’s appeal was also rejected by the administrative court of Belgrade.

It is noteworthy that while the communists’ electoral list was rejected, at the same time other lists of bourgeois-reactionary forces were accepted, even though they did not even meet the formal requirements. This is a political choice aiming to put obstacles to the political action, the dissemination of the communists’ ideas in Serbia.

The KKE expresses its solidarity with the NKPJ and asks from the Embassy of Serbia in Athens to convey our strong denouncement for this unacceptable exclusion to the Government of Serbia and the Election Commission”.

KNE’s activities on the occasion of George Floyd’s murder

From the first moment, after the brutal murder of the unemployed Afro-American George Floyd by policemen in the USA, KNE denounced publicly this crime and informed the youth of Greece. KNE also organized militant mobilizations in front the US Embassy in Athens and in dozens other cities with central slogan “Capitalism means, I can’t breathe!” The organizations of KNE held discussions and events at spots and youth centers in Greece, with the above slogan as their main subject. KNE aims to meet again with thousands of young people, who see the burst of anger in the US and other countries, expressed with millions of participants in demonstrations.


KNE 2011