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19th Congress of KKE

Statement of KNE on the massacre in Gaza

The Communist Youth of Greece – KNE strongly condemns the murderous operations of Israel in Gaza Strip against the Palestinian people! We call upon the youth to mobilize against the new massacre, to express our solidarity to the people of Palestine, to prevent the participation of Greece with any means in the new imperialist interventions and wars that are being planned in the region!

The new massacre of the Israelis, with the support of the USA and the EU, in the suffering Gaza Strip, brings to the forefront the hideous face of capitalism. After 7 days of bombardments, the number of murdered people are over 100, while the wounded are more than 900. Amongst the dead are 27 children.


These operations are closely connected with the effort to generalize the imperialist intervention against Syria and Iran, planned by the military staffs of the USA, NATO, EU and Israel with the active aid of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They try to weaken and crush the Palestinian armed resistance before the move on to a further attack.

Large geostrategic games are played in the area; the big economic groups of the EU and of the USA are trying to expand in the Middle East, in Northern Africa, in the Persian Gulf, following the guidelines of the “Great Middle East Plan”, in order to achieve the advantage in the competition against Russia, China, and also Brazil and India. Under their interventions in the area there is the oil, the natural gas, their routes and the control of their resources and markets. For these reasons we witnessed the interventions in the previous years in the area, in Afghanistan, Irak, Libya. These are the reasons for targeting Syria and Iran. The peoples are again the victims of the inter-imperialist competitions! The hard competition between the imperialist forces that takes place with all means necessary intensifies under conditions of international capitalist crisis.

The Greek capitalist class and her political representatives are aiming to upgrade their position in sharing the spoils, that's why they actively participate in the imperialist plans of NATO and EU at the expense of the peoples. This is what they did in the cases of the wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Irak. The accountability of the tripartite government of ND(new-liberals)-PASOK(social-democrats)-DIMAR(democratic left) is huge for strengthening the military and financial agreements with Israel. SYRIZA has also responsibilities, talking about utilizing the geostrategic place of Greece towards the aim of capitalist development, following the political line of all the governments that have dragged the country in imperialist wars and interventions, without raising the issue for the exclusion of the country from the imperialist organizations of NATO and EU and of their plans. It is not by chance that they are taking up sides with Obama, nor was it by chance the meeting between Tsipras, president of SYRIZA, and Simon Perez, president of Israel, this past summer. It was not by chance that SYRIZA did not demonstrated in front of the Israeli embassy in Athens on the 17th of November.

The dangerous developments in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean is another alarm for the workers, the popular strata of our country in order to strengthen their antiimperialist struggle, to demand massively and decisively:

No implication of our country in the imperialist wars that are being planned.

Recognition of an independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian state on the borders of 1967 with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital. End of all blockades against the Palestinian people, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The end of the military cooperation of Greece with the terrorist-state of Israel.

Not to use the base of Suda in Crete and other facilities on Greek ground for the massacre of the Syrian people and other peoples of the region.

We call upon the youth of the working class and the popular strata to express their solidarity to the Palestinian people, to organize the struggle against the coming war. We call upon the youth to deny to take up the side of one or the other imperialist camp, never consent to spill blood for one or the other imperialist. We call upon the youth to struggle for the overthrow of the system of class exploitation and wars.

The new imperialist intervention must be condemned by university and secondary student unions, committees and general assemblies. Initiatives must be taken for the information of the youth, we must support every move of solidarity.

The huge anti-imperialist demonstration on the 17th of November that reached the Israeli embassy was only the first response.

International Relations Committee







KNE 2011