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19th Congress of KKE

Mass mobilization of KNE against super-exploitation and badly paid work

The mobilization organized by the Attica Organization of KNE on Friday Afternoon (31/1) in the centre of Athens, in Omonia Sq. regarding the proposals of the government’s consultative body, the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), for the super-exploitation of young people, was mass and dynamic.The abolition of the minimum wage was proposed by the KEPE for young people under the age of 29, for up to a year after their being hired as incentive for the businesses in the name of fighting against unemployment. The mobilization was also the first response to the Prime Minister’s announcements concerning 440,000 jobs via the programmes of super-exploitation and badly paid work.



The mass mobilization of KNE began with the rally at 5 in the afternoon in Omonia and then there was a march to the Ministry of Labour and the offices of KEPE. Speaking at the rally, Petros Markomichalis,Secretary of the Attica Regional Council of KNE, mentioned amongst other things: “What are they proposing? Always of course in the name of development: they say that the young people up to the age of 29 should wander between various programmes that recycle poverty and unemployment for a year without the minimum wage. I.e. they should not have even enough money to pay for their ticket to use public transport or to buy a donut.


These proposals are the continuation of the previous decisions that are being implemented and prepared the terrain. What are these decisions: One day contracts, one-month contracts, so-called “trial periods” at work, the programmes “which are the ticket for young people to find work”, the law which makes a distinction between the salaries of workers above or below the age of 25.


Measures that would allegedly deal with the unemployment of young people, that would facilitate them to enter the job market. However, unemployment, especially amongst young people, has not only not been reduced, but has rapidly increased. Official unemployment is recorded at around 27.8%, while amongst young people under 25 years of age it is much higher, reaching 59%(...)


At the same time the Prime Minister Samaras announced the other day 440,000 “employment opportunities”. Pay attention, he did not announce jobs but “employment opportunities”. “Opportunities” but not one stable job and amongst the things he announced there are old programmes that are being presented as new ones in order to increase the number!”


“The government’s attempt for us to accept that we will work for nothing, so that we learn to live with a little must face the organized response of the young workers, the young unemployed, the young people in the training centres, in the Technical Institutes and the universities, in the schools and neighbourhoods.


Every member and friend of KNE, wherever they are, must play a leading role in the struggle with the trade unions and PAME from tomorrow without wasting any time for the following


  • So that there is no young person who will work with a salary of less than 751 euros per month (this is the National Pay Agreement before the outbreak of the crisis).
  • No distinctions between workers on the basis of age.
  • Abolition of the “slave” offices, the training centres and the NGOs which have undertaken the role to manage such “work” programmes along the lines of “work experience”.
  • Free medical cover for all.
  • Unemployment benefit for all the unemployed and for as long as they remain unemployed.
  • Substantial measures for the protection of the unemployed and their families.
  • The workers in the various programmes to be paid every month and to be entitled to unemployment benefit after the end of 5-month contract.”


The cadre of KNE concluded:


“We call on every young person to think. About why the KKE is the only party which is clear and says that there is a way to solve the problem of unemployment. Because only the KKE has a proposal for the overthrow of this rotten exploitative system, which gives rise to unemployment and which can not solve it whatever it does, even if it wants to limit it a little it can only do this in these kinds of ways, so as to feed the capitalists with hot money so that they can then recycle young people without rights to work for them.”

KNE 2011