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19th Congress of KKE

Common Declaration of the Communist Youth Organizations on Unemployment and Youth Employment

We will not become slaves in the 21st Century! We struggle for permanent and stable jobs with full rights!”


Young unemployed, youngsters working in the Employment Programs of the EU;


Within 2013, the EU organized 5 conferences on unemployment. However, instead of decreasing the unemployment, the unemployment increased tremendously: 26 millions of people are unemployed, 120 millions live at this moment under the poverty line. Unemployment of youngsters between the age of 18 and 30 in some countries exceeds 50% and in the EU reaches 25%!



The various “employment programs” applied by the EU and the capitalist governments for the youth are a mockery: instead of work with rights, they offer underpaid “opportunities” for some months and only for a few. They transform us from "workers" to "benefited persons", they talk about "guarantees for the youth" that in reality guarantee the profits of the capital by providing free workforce for the employers without any right for the workers. Instead of measures for the protection of the unemployed, they present economic benefits to the bosses. These programs are a pretext to abolish even the rights that still exist.


The “freedom of movement” inside the EU proved to be a freedom for the businessmen to exploit us where they need us and with every means. The recent experience of thousands of young immigrants in Europe shows that for the children of the working class and the popular strata, everywhere there is the same destiny: work without rights, salaries that cannot cover basic needs, intensification of exploitation in ever way possible (garantias para la juventud, mini jobs, zero hour contracts...).


The vast unemployment marks the impasses of the system of capitalist exploitation. Unemployment is part of the DNA of the system, the capitalists continue profiting also in that way.


Young worker in the European Employment Programs: organize in your trade unions! Strengthen the class-oriented line of struggle! Demand your right for a stable work with rights, for a decent salary!


Young unemployed: Don't renounce! Organize yourself in committees, demand stable work with

rights! Demand your rights for social security and healthcare, for increases of the unemployment



Join the young communists in the mass struggle to defend and expand our rights, in the struggle for the definitive abolition of the system of exploitation that gives birth to unemployment; for a society where the workers and the people will have the power and the wealth they produce in their hands. Only in that society the work with rights will be guaranteed for all, because all the workers will produce for their own needs and not for the profits of the capitalists.


Communist Youth of Austria - KJOe

COMAC Belgium

EDON Cyprus

Communist Youth Union of Czech Republic - KSM

Young Communists France - MJCF

Socialist German Worker Youth- SDAJ

Communist Youth of Greece - ΚΝΕ

Left Front Hungary Baloldali Front

Communist Youth Front of Italy - FGC

Revolutionary Communist Youth Union (bolsheviks) Russia - RKSMb

Colectives of Young Communists of Spain CJC

Communist Youth Union of Spain - UJCE

Young Communist League of Yugoslavia - SKOJ

Youth of the Turkish Communist Party - YTKP

Communist Youth of Sweden - SKU







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