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19th Congress of KKE

Common Declaration of the CYO's of Europe in front of the EU parliament elections

The youth of Europe against EU, for a life with rights!

On the occasion of the elections for the European Parliament, we call all youngsters from all over Europe, deprived from their rights to work, education and life, to reinforce their struggle against the EU.


We have experience, which has shown us that the EU was formed in order to serve the European big capital and its’ profits. It has always been and will be incompatible with the popular interests. It is the EU of 30 millions of unemployed people, of 60% unemployment between the youngsters, of 120 millions of people under poverty threshold. It is the EU where fundamental rights of the working class and the popular strata are demolished and education, health, culture, sports, are merchandises and accessible for very few; the EU of the imperialist intervention, the most recent of which are the interventions in Ukraine and the Central African Republic.

It is the EU that assumes anticommunism as its official ideology, that has unleashed a fierce campaign for the slandering and illegalization of communist parties, youths and symbols, which equates communism with fascism. The EU that on the same time supports fascism, the iron hand of the system, as happened with the new government of Ukraine.

We call youngsters of the working class and the popular strata to take the situation to their own hands, by demanding stable work with complete rights, free public health, education, the right to culture, sports; to oppose the imperialist wars and interventions; to struggle for the right of the sovereign choice of each people to choose the mode of development that he wishes, including the right of disengagement from the EU, as well as the choice of socialism. To support the work of Communist and Workers’ Parties from all over Europe, to the direction of coordination of their actions and concentration of forces against EU for the elections for the European Parliament of May, as well as the next political battles coming.

We call all youngsters of the working class and the popular strata of Europe not to get trapped to the dead end of the one-way of the EU. Not to be mislead by the European parties, made by the EU and supporting its’ policy, by forces that call them to support a “more human capitalism”: This option is within the framework of the imperialist EU, which will not change if the president of the European Commission of the leaders of the institutional organs change.

The EU cannot turn to popular with the reinforcement of the forces that for years supported the capitalists, collaborated with them in many government posts, demolish workers’ and popular rights, in order to support the interests of the employers, express their fidelity to the EU.

We call them not to support the aspirations of the capitalists, not to expect prosperity for them and their families from the capitalist profits. Not to fall to the trap of the forces criticizing the EU, but practically their position is in favor of the maintaining of the system of exploitation, in favor of the European capital.

The EU is a frontal enemy of the struggle of the peoples, as the abolition of exploitation will mean the end of the capitalist wolf-alliances, as the EU is.

We call all youngsters of the working class and poor popular strata to support Communist and Workers’ Parties condemning the EU, to abandon the forces supporting the EU and its’ policy, to reinforce the struggle for their rights, for a society without exploitation of man by man, for socialism.

Communist Youth of Austria KJOe

Young Communist League Britain

Communist Youth League Czech Republic KSM

Young Communists of Denmark Ungkomunisterne i Danmark

German Socialist Worker Youth SDAJ

Communist Youth of Greece KNE

Left Front - Communist Youth Hungary

Communist Youth Front Italy FGC

Connoly Youth Movement Ireland CYM

Communist Youth of Luxemburg CYL

Young Communists of Norway Ungkomunisterne i Norge

Revolutionary Communist Youth (bolsheviks) Russia RKSMb

Communist Youth League Yugoslavia (Serbia) SKOJ

Colectives of Young Communists CJC Spain

Union of Communist Youth UJCE Spain


Youth of Turkish Communist Party YTKP

KNE 2011