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19th Congress of KKE

Common Declaration of CYO’s on the new genocide of Israel against the Palestinian people

The Youth Organizations that sign the following announcement denounce firmly the military operations of the Israeli state against the Palestinian people that have already resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives.

The USA, but also the EU, who encourage the criminal activities of Israel by providing total support, equating the culprits with the victims, upgrading their political, financial and military relations with Israel with various ways, organizing common military drills with the Israeli armed forces, they have grave responsibilities for the continuing crime against the Palestinian people and its youth.


The CYO’s call upon the young men and women of the world to block with our struggle and internationalist solidarity the new genocide of Israel against the Palestinian people and youth that are in the crosshair of imperialist aggression, on the ground of the generalized imperialist plans that exist and are promoted in the region of the Middle East and of the Eastern Mediterranean.

We demand:

  • ThatthecontinuingmilitaryoperationsoftheIsraeliarmyagainstthePalestinianpeopleceaseimmediately.

  • ThattheIsraelioccupationarmyandallsettlersleavethePalestinianterritories.

  • The liberation of all political prisoners from Israeli prisons and all Palestinians to be free to return to their homes. The solution of the problems of the Palestinian refugees according to the UN Resolutions.

  • To cancel the military drills and all military cooperation treaties with Israel.

  • Independent Palestinian state on the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital.




Organizations that sign/Organizaciones que firman:

    1. CY Austria - KJOe

    2. CY Bolivia - JCB

    3. YCL Brazil – UJC

    4. YCL Canada

    5. YS Croatia

    6. EDON Cyprus

    7. CYU Czech Republic – KSM

    8. CY Ecuador - JCE

    9. MJC France - MJCF

    10. CY Greece -KNE

    11. CYM Ireland

    12. YCL Israel

    13. Front of CY Italy - FGC

    14. CY Luxemburg

    15. FYC Mexico - FJC

    16. Paraguayan CY - JCP

    17. CY Peru – «Patria Roja» - JCP PR

    18. Peruvian CY – JCP

    19. Portuguese Communist Youth - JCP

    20. Revolutionary CY Russia (bolshevics) -RKSMb

    21. UCY Yugoslavia (Serbia) - SKOJ

    22. Collectives of Young Communists Spain - CJC

    23. CY Sweden – SKU

    24. Syrian CYKhaled Bagdash Youth



KNE 2011