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19th Congress of KKE

The position of KKE on school education

On the 18th of March, the proposal of KKE for the school of our needs, the Unified Twelve-year School of Modern General Education, was presented by the Secretary General of the CC of KKE c. Dimitris Koutsoubas. It is a brochure of 50 pages divided into three parts. The first part is about the bourgeois' strategy for school education. In the second part of the text, the basic principles of the school of modern educational needs are presented. The first chapter in this part is dedicated to the contribution of socialism in Education, focusing on the USSR.

Subsequently, the section on Education in the Program of KKE follows, which presents the basic perception of KKE about Education in the socialist society and the basic features of the structure of Education from Pre-School Education to vocational schools, Higher Education, the periodic training network of all workers, the Special Education system, etc. In the third part of the text, issues particularly related to the cognitive, educating content of school are presented. In this context, there are presented some issues about the process of conquering knowledge, in other words the teaching and principles that should govern it, based on the stages of intellectual development of the child, the necessary reorientation of the detailed curriculum, as well as the basic characteristics of the cognitive content of the Unified Twelve-year school.



This publication is a tool in the hands of the members of KNE in order to discuss widely, with thousands of students across Greece, about the proposal of KKE for School Education, at a time that KNE is preparing its Student Festivals, which will take place within the next month, for one more year throughout Greece.

KNE 2011