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19th Congress of KKE

Message of KNE to the Young Communist League of Cuba for the demise of Fidel Castro

Dear comrades of the Young Communist League of Cuba:

We transmit to you the sincere condolences of the members and friends of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) for the demise of Fidel Castro.

It’s with deep sadness that we bit farewell to the great communist leader, the Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, who for decades was a source of inspiration for the struggles of the youth throughout the world, of course also in Greece. Entire generations of militants were formed by his example. Especially during the very difficult moments for the international revolutionary movement after the counterrevolution of 1989-1991, the members and friends of KNE were encouraged by the conquests of the Cuban Revolution, by the decisive stance of the Cuban people and of Fidel before the imperialist aggressiveness

We continue the struggle that Comrade Fidel waged for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, for socialism-communism. Great moments like January 1st, 1959 with the revolutionary people's army entering victorious the Havana city, or April 1961 with the Cuban army refuting the intervention of the mercenaries of  CIA at the Bay of Pigs, accompany us in this struggle, constitute a source of inspiration for us. They demonstrate that the system of capitalist exploitation is neither invincible nor eternal.

Fidel lives on in the actual struggles of the peoples and the youth against capitalist barbarity, for the definitive victory of socialism-communism.

With comradely greetings, the Central Council of KNE



KNE 2011