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19th Congress of KKE

We denounce the attack of fascist groups against members of Komsomol of Ukraine

On December 23, 2017, members of Komsomol of Ukraine were the target of a violent attack by fascist groups which appeared at the place of gathering of Komsomol. These groups, consisting of fascist and criminal elements, under the cover of Ministry of Internal Affairs and National Security of Ukraine (as openly declared previously by Karas, the fascist leader of the group “S14”) attempted to violently invade the place of gathering of the members of Komsomol of Ukraine, having intentions even to kill them, as they were openly declaring. It is noteworthy that the police did not even try to stop the attack, even though it was called and was a witness of the attack.
We denounce the new fascist attack against the young communists of Ukraine. We denounce the intensification of anti-communism and repression by the reactionary government of Ukraine, which is being supported by and at the same time supports the fascist groups.
This is the same regime that has compiled “black lists” of its political opponents, in which are also included cadres of the KKE, among them G. Lamproulis, MP and deputy president of the Greek Parliament, and S. Zarianopoulos, MEP of the KKE, on the accusation that they showed actively the concern and solidarity of the KKE towards the people of Ukraine, which is being drowned in blood in the region of Donbas.


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