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19th Congress of KKE

Hands off the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG)

During the last period the repression against the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) is intensified, with violent attacks, arrests of members, bullying and attempts of intimidation. The last incident was the one on 13/3/2018, when a group of fascists attacked members of TKG at the University of Istanbul, while they were campaigning in the frameworks of the two-month campaign against NATO. Afterwards, the coward fascists falsely reported to the police that they were attacked and filed lawsuits, which led to the arrest of 22 members of TKG and charges were pressed against the organization. This incident is one more that is added to a series of attacks that TKP and TKG systematically receive.

The disturbance of the bourgeois class, its state and its parties is evident, which is due to the acceptance and support that the Turkish youth shows towards the action and positions of TKP and TKG. They are disturbed because neither the emergency situation regime nor the intensity of the repression, the terrorizing climate and the arrests managed to prevent the young communists from developing massive and militant action. Among these activities is the massive mobilization outside the Israeli embassy that was held by the TKG on 12/3, responding to the Joint Call of 40 Communist Youth Organizations for the Day of Common Action and of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
TKG continues to develop its activity fearlessly in the universities and schools, despite the constant surveillance of both security forces and the police that its members are being under. TKG connects with masses of young workers, it grows stronger. This is why members of fascist organizations, who act supplementary or even in open collaboration with the police, are enlisted, fulfilling in this way their role as watchdogs of the system against the people's interests.
We express our unreserved solidarity towards the comrades of TKG and the youth of Turkey. We are sure that the communists and the people's movement not only will not break from such assaults, but on the contrary they will strengthen their action under all circumstances.
Remaining loyal to the principles of proletarian internationalism, we will continue our coordination and common action with our comrades of TKG. The neighboring peoples have nothing to separate; on the contrary they have a common enemy, the system of exploitation, poverty, unemployment and imperialist wars. They have common interest to fight against the imperialist war, the USA-NATO plans in the region, against the attempt to dispute the borders; Overall against the dangerous warlike plans that drag our peoples to shed their blood for the interests of the bourgeois classes and the monopolies. Against the nationalist and irredentist propaganda that has been elaborated both in Greece and Turkey, the struggle for peace, friendship and solidarity among our peoples must grow stronger.


KNE 2011