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19th Congress of KKE

Comment of the Press Office of the CC of KNE on the occasion of the repression of the school student mobilizations in France

The images from the French city Mantes-la-Jolie that show arrested school students, even 12-year-olds, after a mobilization, being on their knees or facing the wall and with their hands on their heads, surrounded by fully armed policemen as if they are prisoners in a concentration camp, cause rage and repulsion.

These images are a reflection of the EU, which is allegedly “returning to the democratic values”, but it is getting worse and worse. They reflect the true face of the bourgeois democracy, in which the freedom of all the people stops where the freedom of the exploiters begins.

These images are doubly outrageous if we recall that in September 2017, the French president Macron, whose orders are the ones executed by the French police, made a speech along with Alexis Tsipras about democracy with the Pnyx in the background. Meanwhile SYRIZA is still advertising him as the countervailing force in Europe against neoliberalism and the far-right.

The rotten exploitative system and its interstate unions reassure freedom and democracy only for the few, while for the workers and the youth they reserve only poverty, unemployment and repression.

KNE 2011