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19th Congress of KKE

Extended parts of the Political Report of the Central Council at the 12th Congress of KNE

Comrades, elected delegates of the 12th Congress and observers, comrades of the delegation of the Party, dear guests,

We welcome the 30 delegations of Communist Youth Organizations and Anti-imperialist Youth Organizations, which honor us with their presence at our 12th Congress.

Comrades and Friends,

We reach the congress with the confidence that as the youth of the KKE, with revolutionary optimism and vanguard action, ready to respond in the best possible way to the challenges of our time!

We have as a guide the contemporary, revolutionary Programme of the KKE, the resolutions of the 20th Congress, the conclusions of the study of the History of the Party, the resolution of the Pan-Hellenic Conference on the youth, the elaborations of the Party overall, which we must particularize when approaching the young men and women of the workers- popular forces.

Today we evaluate our action, we draw conclusions that are useful for our struggle, we set the tasks of KNE until the next , the 13th Congress. We further elaborate our tasks, which will be reflected also in the final resolution of the 12th Congress.

We completed a rich 4-month pre-congress process with the enrichment of the Theses of the CC with the rich experience first of all from the thousands of members of KNE, and also of the youngsters who got the Theses, they studied them and contributed in our discussion.

The publishing of the Theses in October 6th was dealt with excitement by the Organization, with a wide campaign and discussion with thousands of young men and women as a continuation of the successful events for the 44th Festival of KNE- Odigitis. All the leading organs met and discussed the Theses of the CC, there were twice held BO sessions, for the presentation of the Theses and for the discussion along with the elections-assessment process. All the pre-congress Sectoral, Regional Conferences and the Conferences of all the Area Organizations of the country were successfully completed.

The vast majority of the members of KNE expressed their agreement with the Theses of the Central Council. The thousands of members of KNE voted in favour of the Theses.

In the pre-congress discussion through the pages of the “Odigitis” 147 articles were published.

A serious effort was made by the members of KNE to study the Theses, to answer questions, contribute in all of this discussion with a big interest, to state with speeches and thoughts. The agreement expressed is essential.The discussion especially in the conferences confirms that the requirements of the leading work have grown and it is important the clear realization of this fact for the continuation of our work. The developments on a national as well as on an international level during the previous years, and especially the ones that are to come, confirm the need to strengthen even more and faster the struggle to be freed from the rotten system of exploitation.

We assess that overall the pre-congress process contributed to assimilate the central issue that the Theses of the CC set, to be tied with the individual as well as the collective experience the effort for KNE to strengthen overall as a youth of the KKE and to acquire the ability to fulfill its vanguard role, to contribute with youthful forces in the regroupment of the workers and popular movement, to connect the concerns, the development of struggles of the young people since the younger ages promoting the anti-capitalist- anti-monopoly struggle, whithin the framework of social alliance, the struggle against imperialist war, for the workers’ power.

Socialism is the only response to barbarity that the youth and the people experience, the truly contemporary and young. The release of the contemporary potentials of society can only be achieved through the abolition of capitalist ownership, with the overthrow of its power, the establishment of the workers’ power, which will socialize the means of production, will organize the production and social services with the central planning, i.e. with the new communist relation of production, and will reform all social relations.

The worker’s power, the proposal of the KKE and the proposals of the other parties are poles apart, because it has at its epicenter the vast participation in political life, in the decision-making and the implementation of the decisions made by the workers and the youth themselves, who today are all watching from the sidelines. It is a true worker’s-people’s state not for the few, as is the case of today’s bourgeois parliamentary democracy, the mask of the dictatorship of the capital. The goals that we set are high, because so are our ideals.

We can pass to a new period of significant growth of KNE all over Greece

On the basis of essential agreement and rich discussion throughout the Organization on how we will achieve our goals which was expressed in becoming “more massive and more able”, as it is the slogan of our Congress, the following years will be very crucial.

To solidify the positive, but small steps, in the construction and development of the Organization and to drastically increase the rate of recruitment in all Organizations of the country. The issue of the organizational development of KNE is a constant concern, is a condition to be able to fulfill our role, to expand the influence of revolutionary ideas in the youth, to strengthen the militant and rebellious stance of the youth against the system of exploitation, to enhance the anti-capitalist, anti-monopoly orientation of the struggles of the youth.

We reach the Congress of our Organization having a small organizational development, a step that was not and is not given.

In the Extended Meeting of the CC in honor of the 50 years of KNE in October 2017, a competition on the construction and development of KNE was declared, which had combined indicators and there is no better podium to announce the vanguard Organizations:

In the Regional Organizations: 1st is the Organization of Epirus- Cephalonia- Lefkada, 2nd is the Organization of the Aegean and 3rd the Organization of Western Greece, while for the construction of BOs in the vocational training places and sectors the prize goes to the Organization of Attica.

In the school students and the development combined with the construction of BOs in the technical schools, 1st is the Sectoral Organization of A’ Athens, with the creation of a new Sectoral Organization in Grava, 2nd is the Sectoral Organization of Preveza and 3rd the Sectoral Organization of Arta.

In the university and technological education institute students, 1st in the competition is the Student Organization of Patras, 2nd is the Organization of the University of Western Attica and 3rd the Student Organization of Thessalonica.

This whole effort confirms that we can pass to a new period of significant growth of KNE throughout Greece, while prioritizing the big urban centers where the working class is concentrated, as well as fully preparing for the KKE a greater portion of the member of KNE.

In this direction we must insist in the more impetuous development of school student forces, with the construction of new Bases Organizations in technical schools, High Schools and Secondary Schools throughout the country. We must take a more decisive step in the development of KNE in vocational training places that are acquiring more mass characteristics, in companies that concentrate young workers. We must reverse the low recruiting rates in the early academic years of the technological education institutes and universities.


We must correspond the function and life of the Organization with the great demands of the struggle

In order to correspond the function and life of the Organization with the great demands of the struggle, to increase the ability of communist education and assimilation of all the members of KNE. That is why we need organs-“battle staff” that by being at the forefront in the daily struggle, they lead while insisting on achieving the specific goals that are set in each place and serve our overall tasks, as part of the plan of KNE and the KKE. Our weapon is the development of the theoretical political fundament within KNE, our presence wherever the youth lives, the “torturing” and the collective discussion and experience about how we develop hotspots of resistance and action, how they will be combined into a “wave” that politicizes and promotes the anti-capitalist consciousness and stance.

Stability and persistence does not characterize our intervention, regarding the overall living conditions of the young people. Despite the communication channels that we have assessed are opened through this action, the demands of this work and our habit in certain matters prevent us from generalizing the positive experience and stabilizing it as a way of intervening. Insisting on highlighting the contemporary needs of the young people regarding all issues that concern their lives, the care to find new or improve existing forms of intervention, the utilization of a considerable and important part of forces that we have in our ranks or in our circle of influence and take up such activities, the knowledge of the positions of the KKE on all issues, are elements in which we can make significant progress in the future. This way we can acquire the ability of a stable, multiform and multifaceted, massive intervention of KNE regarding all issues that concern the life of the young generation. The perception and policy of the KKE can inspire the young people of the popular and working-class families, to offensively act with a vision for their lives, to fight for it. It is characteristic that initiatives that we have taken and concern aspects of the lives of young people overall such as entertainment, sports, living conditions, or that concern “broader” topics of discussion such as e.g. the 4th industrial revolution and more, have a broader acceptance and attract the interest of sections of the youth, constitute in fact for many of them to come in touch with the action and positions of KNE for the first time.

There is a significant part of members of KNE that just took on new responsibilities, with its election in the leading organs –some of them for the first time- and with the spirit of raising the bar of our leading responsibilities we can and we must support and aid the all-round function of the Sectoral Councils in every aspect, the responsibility being primarily of the new CC.


The anti-people and imperialist plans leave a permanent mark on the lives and the future of the young people


The government, throughout this period, moves towards the parliamentary, European parliament and municipal - regional elections trying to persuade that “the era of memoranda is behind us”, that a new era is beginning with “positive prospects” for the working class, for the people and the youth. However, reality shows that the measures of the past years have left a permanent mark on the lives and the future of the young people in our country who today are educated, study, seek employment or take their first steps in a working environment consisting of great unemployment, part-time occasional employment, “flexible” working relations, very low wages in the majority of the sectors, the reactionary restructuring in Education, Healthcare and Social Security.

Whatever manoeuvres that the government will make as part of its election campaign, it will be a result of the militant demand and action of the labour- people’s movement that should not say “thank you”, like with the abolition of the unaccepted measure –which it preserved for 4 years- regarding the subminimum wage for the youth and the increase of the minimum wage, cannot be compared to the losses that the workers had and will continue to have, it does not cancel the essence of its policy, and besides that is why it was implemented through a memorandum law.

The geostrategic enhancement, which is a main strategic goal of the capital in Greece and the strategy of the SYRIZA government, as well as the one of ND and the other bourgeois parties, does not concern the enhancement of the interests and the cover of the needs of the people. The Greek government plays a leading role in all of these developments in the promotion of the USA-NATO interests. It has turned Greece into an endless NATO military camp with military bases in every corner of the country, it is in the front line of the “NATO integration” of the Western Balkans, having as basic element the Prespes Agreement, it gives 2% of the GDP for the needs of NATO. All the above will be strengthened in the following period based on the cynical report of the State Department about Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, which shows the special interest of the USA in the region. The Education Ministry responded to their declaration to give money in order to deal with the justifiable discontent towards the American imperialist policy, utilizing also NGOs and the media, which just announced the previous week a program for school students that will be sponsored directly by the US government.

We widely discussed these issues and we managed to shed light on the character and role of NATO to a section of young people that we influence, to organise struggles, rallies and demands, where the government clearly showed its decisiveness even by striking the mobilization of students’ unions and school student councils at the statue of Truman.

From the podium of our Congress as well, we want to express our solidarity with the young men who during this period of time are doing their military service and to tell them that the demand of your rights does not stop at the gates of the military camps.

The Youth of the Communist Party could not leave outside its attention the highlighting of the sharpening problems that the young men face during their military service in the Armed Forces, the demand of decent living conditions, the establishment of the rights of the soldiers in being informed by all means about the developments that concern their life overall.

From this point of view, we consider the protests that soldiers carry out from various units of the country just, denouncing the joint exercises and coeducation of the Greek Armed Forces with the butchers, such as NATO and other forces like the state murderer of Israel, the USA etc. and also condemning the nationalist preaching of hatred that is reproduced by a part of cadres of the Armed Forced, who act undisturbed, under the responsibility of the SYRIZA government and the ministry, and attempt to shed the poison of nationalism in the young people. We consider the act of the SYRIZA government to punish soldiers, because they express just protests or participate in anti-imperialist anti-war rallies, unacceptable.

We have a life to gain, we do not give it away


We have ahead of us the electoral matches, the European parliament elections, the municipal and local elections, as well as the parliamentary elections, whenever and if they will be proclaimed.

We call upon the young men and women to support KKE which is the only force that can fight decisively, combatively, steadily against the bipolar schema of SYRIZA-ND and all the parties that support in one or another way the anti-people policy.

The alternative solution lays at the strengthening of the KKE. For the majority of the youth the issue of the elections, their result, cannot concern who from the two parties, SYRIZA and ND- which have a common policy against the needs and the rights of the youth as it has been proven by now– will be seating in the government chair or will be the backbone of the next governmental scheme.

Their policy, besides some differences that do not concern the popular interests, serves the needs of the industrialists and the monopolies of the EU. What is at stake from the point of view of the interests of the majority of the youth and the people is which party can be at the forefront for demand, to open a totally different prospect. Which party is the opponent to this policy with its positions, its action, in and out of the parliament. In this case, only the KKE can contribute & inspire for mass participation in the struggle for contemporary rights.

The almost 500,000 youth, who vote for the first time, can make the difference with their choice and their stance, to judge correctly & aiming at the right direction reaching the ballot box with the list of the KKE. What they will chose, they will find it in front of them in their daily effort to make ends meet, to get educated and to live with dignity, to demand what the anti-people policy deprives them of, that SYRIZA continued to implement taking the reins from the ND and PASOK. Having the results from the previous electoral matches, we can make the step today, the vote not being “one of the same”, but to be an investment in the struggle for the life and the future that we need. This is what the strengthening of the KKE represents.

We have one life to gain, we do not give it away, we fight in order to actualize our dreams and contemporary needs.
Our slogan must reach everyone; Make a difference with a strong KKE!

This is why in the elections for the regional and local administration we vote the combinations of “People’s Rally”, the combinations that are supported by the KKE. We call upon the young men and women, who jointly act in places of education, vocational training, in workplaces and in neighborhoods, to also give this battle with us through the lists of “People’s Rally”, for a stronger workers’-popular opposition. To elect even more communists and militants in the organs of the municipal and local administration. To strengthen the struggle against the anti-people policy of the government- EU- capital which the municipalities and regions have the responsibility to bring to our yard metaphorically and literally. In this direction acted the elected mayors, the municipal and regional councilors, with the support of the KKE during their previous service, with coherence between statements and actions, with stable support, emergence and contribution in the development of struggles of the youth and the workers of each region.

We strengthen KKE in the European elections. KKE is the only voice of resistance in the anti-popular Armageddon of the EU. The estimates of KKE for the EU have been confirmed in every day’s life. EU is the union of exploiters, enemy of the people and their rights. EU means sacrifices of the workers so that the monopolies, the capital will have a bigger market and a common currency as a starting point in its antagonism in the global capitalist market.

We give the battle to win over young men and women that either abstained from the last elections or that are thinking to abstain from the forthcoming electoral battles, especially due to the notion “things do not change through the elections”. It is true that the real correlation of forces cannot change radically through the elections and radical overthrows cannot happen through them. However, the decisive strengthening of the KKE is the only one that signals the strengthening of the struggle for radical changes in power and economy in favor of the working people. At the same time, abstention is like throwing in the towel, because on the one side are all those that are deteriorating our lives and on the other side is the KKE, its positions and proposals, the people struggling to live better, with dignity and contemporary needs. The KKE wants you in the game and not as a spectator watching how they destroy your present and future.

Only the strengthening of the KKE can become a nail in the eye of Nazism, fascism and nationalism. The tolerance showed by all other parties towards the action of the Golden Dawn gives “wind in the sails” of the Nazi-criminal organization. They are strikebreakers, lackeys of the employers that use them to reduce the wages, so they can hit militants workers struggling for better conditions of work. They are dogs that bark but do not bite those that crash our lives.

Our slogan must reach everyone: Make a difference with a strong KKE!

The vote to the KKE is the only anti-systemic vote. Because it highlights the truth without worrying about the costs, because its proposals regarding the worker’s power expresses what is the most progressive, groundbreaking and young. The KKE has a program, organization and plan that leads to a superior organization of economy and society.

The KKE cannot be controlled as the other parties are, this is why it can look the youth in the eye and tell them the truth. The KKE is at the forefront of struggles against the capital, the big employers, the state, in the labor, farmers’, school student and student movement. This conflict is the real one and not the so-called conflicts by the self-declared “anti-authoritarians” and other opportunist groups that ultimately lead the movement backwards. The real conflict with the system is not abstinence that in the last elections reached 45%, but without brought nothing positive to the life of the youth. A strong KKE means potential and a true hope!

We must meet with and inspire thousands of young men and women, using as our weapons our vanguard ideas and positions, our vanguard action.

Comrades and Friends,

The pre-congress discussion as a whole confirmed that we are correct to set as our basic task the one to meet with and inspire thousands of young men and women, even more than we have managed until now, using as weapons our vanguard ideas and positions, our vanguard action for the organization of the struggle regarding everything that concerns the youth.

This task is not just a “general effort that we need to do”, but a goal, an ambition that every cadre, member and organ of KNE must conquer by surmounting weaknesses, especially the leading ones. With the initiative and personal effort of all of us, with stable collective discussion, plan and monitoring from all organs of KNE to the level of the BO. Measuring the results of our work in the course of the growth of KNE, the ability to expand and multiply the bonds that we create in every place - which can be shown by the circulation of Rizospastis and Odigitis, the increase of participation in the collective, organized action and demand, especially in organizations of the movement which they are under our own responsibility since we have the majority.


We live, work, study and sit at the same school desks with thousands of young people with whom we share the same life, anguishes, concerns, problems and dreams. Maybe we do not share with all of them the same thoughts, criterions, and experiences. We share, however, the same reasons to fight together to change today’s world. Every one of us in their place can utilize even more opportunities to try even harder to stimulate them, to give them even more incentives and reasons to follow the path that we have chosen in order to face our problems and build our dreams.

Comrades and Friends,

The experience from our struggles shows the need for KNE to be rooted even deeper, with the vanguard action of its members and friends, within the mass organizations and the vehicles that can activate and rally the youth.

In the greater picture that generally prevails in the young people, that of devaluation and ignorance of the importance of the collective, militant action, a militant vanguard of young people stands out in workplaces, universities, technological education institutes, schools, which together with the forces of KNE pave ways of demand, action and organization for the contemporary educational – labour rights of the youth.

The bar for the work and intervention of KNE in schools rises


Especially in schools, all the previous period until today our forces play an important role in the organisation and realisation of school student struggles, in the effort to revive the school student communities setting at the center the collective discussion and the multiform action around everything that concerns the life of the school students in school and outside of it. Both in the 3 last years and this year until today, hundreds of school student struggles have taken place, thousands of school students have mobilised with demands and a framework of struggle that sets at the center the contemporary needs in the education and the life of the school students.

This neither cancels nor reverses the general and chronic situation in the school student movement. The school student forces of KNE contributed and continue to contribute decisively in the development of a multiform school student activity, in the expression of important school student mobilisations in terms of coordination in local as well as in nationwide level, in the creation of new militant structures, such as the dozen Coordination Committees all over Greece, which through their action they expand their prestige to the school students and they rally even more schools.

Both the voted anti-educational laws of the current and the previous governments as well as the upcoming changes in the draft law about High School and the examination system serve the declared goals for the formation of a school even more adjusted in what the needs of the monopolies and the large monopoly groups demand, as these are reflected in the reports and directions of the OECD and the EU. At the same time, the technical schools are at the center of the interest of the plans of the bourgeois stuff regarding the secondary education.

It is confirmed that there is an important part of school students that expresses a more generalised discontent and doubt for today’s school. This combined with the need for education and acquirement of technical education and under our intervention constitutes a factor of mobilisation of school students. It raises the bar of demand for our own work and intervention in schools. The steps that we make do not make us complacent. On the contrary, they set ahead of us the need and the duty through studying our experience to consolidate the positive elements of our action, to confront delays and weaknesses aiming to upgrade further and in a unified way our intervention in the schools which must be expressed in our basic goal, that of the development and construction of even more and more robust base organisations. This is a decisive issue, as it was proven, for the total course of KNE.

The construction of BOs in large companies and sectors is a basic goal

The contribution of the sectoral and area-based organizations in the party plan regarding the intervention in the sectors and the regroupment the labour- trade union movement constitutes an important consignment for our Organization as a whole. Despite significant differences, the intervention during the previous period in the workplaces where there are members of KNE, as well as in their trade union gave our forces the possibility to be consolidated, to form a circle of influence and to work jointly for the militant demands to cover all contemporary needs inside these places.

Our goal must be in the large companies, chain stores and especially in the sectors that concentrate youth, wherever there is a member of KNE to support and plan the construction of a base organization through the development of appropriate activity.

The conclusions drawn from our action in the places of vocational training can under preconditions revitalize our intervention. We must turn our attention more decisively towards it.

On the basis of important and sharpening problems, an effort was made through assemblies inside the schools in order to discuss collectively about the problems, to result in taking militant initiatives, as well as to form struggle committees inside the schools.

A special reviving was given by the activities of the class-oriented trade unions and PAME, which as far as they were prepared and adjusted to the young people of these places, they enriched the discussion, they raised the interest inside the school, the trade unions came in touch with young people from the sectors of their responsibility, a small number of the students became members of the trade union.


This militant activity that sets at the center the school and the organization of the students can give a certain dynamic to the function and demands of the Student Unions in regions like Athens and Thessaloniki that concentrate a great number of public vocational education centers.

We must strengthen the multiform intervention in the neighbourhood

It is necessary to overall strengthen in a more decisive way the multifaceted intervention in the neighborhood, especially the independent intervention of KNE as well as the intervention of the mass movement.

The intervention within the associations of the neighborhood concerning cultural groups and sports teams etc. is an important issue and it can be fulfilled by appointing suitable comrades with enthusiasm, and the leading organs should support them in their intervention so that these associations could constitute an area where we could get to know many more people, where we could have an impact and expand our circle of influence.


We have members who are already participating in this kind of associations and they have already formed a circle of influence, nevertheless the organs have not achieved yet to focus on formulating, guiding and combining this work with the effort of rallying and expanding the circle of influence of the BO. This also concerns the intervention in sport clubs and associations.

At the same time, it is possible to strengthen the initiatives of KNE, as well as mass organizations, with cultural and sports content, that can be combined with topics that concern the youth.

An important milestone was the creation of the Cultural Centers in Athens, Patras and Kalamata. Throughout the period from the previous Congress, the Centers were a “house of creation” for dozens of artistic groups, of students and school students, of employed and unemployed people who were connected with them while they used to have difficulties finding easy access to cultural activities. It is important to expand this experience to other cities as well.

The needs and rights of the students do not fit in the plans of the government- capital- EU

In the universities and the technological education institutes of the country, the action of the forces of KNE during the previous period resulted in the recognition of MAS, by wide sections of students, as the unique militant force that resists and acts within the student movement to elevate the rallying of students in the student movement, towards the increase of the unions where the Panspoudastiki KS (the electoral list of KNE in universities and technological institutions) has received the largest number of votes.

Our position, that the needs and the rights of the students do not fit in the plans of the government-capital-EU for a education fully subjugated to the business interests, but on the contrary we will demand the contemporary rights of the students, made an impact in wider sections of students and was expressed in the militant mass processes that were developed in the University of West Attica and the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly, on the occasion of the proposed governmental bills on higher education.

Additionally, through the militant mobilizations in the Faculties of Physical Education and Sport Sciences against the bill that was affecting them we draw experience concerning the way that our forces, even though few in number, can lead the struggle, can be widely recognized, while expanding and multiplying our bonds.

Any step we make, cannot be developed and consolidated, unless KNE is strengthened organizationally in the 1st and the 2nd year of studies in all the institutes and faculties in all over the country.

The ideological work and the rich function of the BOs are decisive elements in order to become “even more” and “more capable”

Comrades and Friends,

Certain issues of our political guidance work that were highlighted from the discussion based on the Theses of the CC.

In each organ of KNE, beginning from the CC and until the BO, an intervention plan that covers all the aspects of the life of the youth of workers’ people’s families should be organized in every phase, on the ground of the political and the more general developments.


The ideological work within our ranks constitutes a decisive factor so that we can become “more capable” in the confrontation with the bourgeois ideology and policy as well as to become “even more” in numbers expanding our bonds with young men and women in every area; it constitutes a decisive factor for the daily effort that the members and cadres of KNE make in every area in order to organize the struggle of the youth. This has to do with the reinforcement of the specialization of the strife in various sections of the youth in each area, the monitoring of the action of other forces. The upgrade and completion of the inner-organizational education systems. Especially the schools for the New Members in each Regional Organization. The utilization of “Rizospastis”, the Communist Review, “Odigitis” and the political literature, the support of the respective committees and the substructure of each Regional Organization.

In the following period the members and cadres of the Organization need to acquire and study the Essay on the History of the KKE for the period 1918-1949. These are weapons that will assist us in the struggle that we will face on the occasion of a series of milestones in the following period as well as to shed a light in a better way towards the current struggle.

During the pre-congress discussion, the issue of the function of the BOs concerned in a multifaceted way. Today it is not enough to just hold a meeting of the BO before central milestones of the intervention of KNE. However this given agenda cannot meet today’s requirement for a richer planning of the independent intervention of KNE and the intervention of our members and cadres in the mass organizations that each member participates in.

The fact that the major part of the BOs is assembling more regularly, and this is a given fact, cannot hide that there still exists the problem that we are not taking into consideration all the organized forces of the BO for the assembly as well as for the daily planning. In a steady basis, there is a part which is not regarded in equal terms, especially when it comes to the assistance that needs to be offered to them, that concern the more particular and, sometimes, the more demanding guiding responsibilities.

The whole inner-organizational function and the content of the BOs should serve the following purpose: To foster to each member the belief that the choice of recruitment in KNE is a life-choice.

A basic issue that remains is a strong bond of the member of KNE with the evolutionary strategy of the KKE, with our great ideals and the cause of the working class. However, taking into account the age the transitional period of life, that the young member of KNE go through, the corresponding practical assistance is needed in order to be able to pull through wherever they act.

A basic issue that remains is a strong bond of the member of KNE with the evolutionary strategy of the KKE, with our great ideals and the cause of the working class. However, taking into account the age the transitional period of life, that the young member of KNE go through, the corresponding practical assistance is needed in order to be able to pull through wherever they act.


We are certain that the works of the 12th Congress will be successful, like all members and cadres of KNE expect, like an important section of the youth that watches the positions and actions of our Organization expects. Based on this, the delegates with a sense of responsibility, we will contribute with our concerns, thoughts, with our experience and especially with our work with the Resolutions of the 12th Congress.


KNE 2011