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19th Congress of KKE

The closing statement of the outgoing CC of KNE which was presented in the 12th Congress by the Secretary of the CC of KNE, Nikos Ambatielos


The main issues concerning our political guidance, the action of KNE in the upcoming period of time, were pointed out through the intervention of comrade General Secretary of the CC of the Party.

The Central Council assesses that the discussion was good, vivid and combative. With the awareness of the steps we need to take towards all our main goals for the complete strengthening of KNE, as the revolutionary Youth of KKE.

An effort was made in order for us to see the experience from the action of the Organization in all parts of youth, to assess the possibilities of intervention, not with embellishment but with the enthusiasm that can bear a positive step of the Organization concerning the increase of the rallying of forces, the construction of a new ΒaseΟrganization or a Sectoral Organization, the successful outcome of a battle within the today’s total, negative correlation.

We can address the difficulties in our work, especially in the guiding issues, in an essential way in the following period. We all agree that the requirement to respond to is big, first of all for the new CC.

The influence of the today’s complex situation within the consciousnesses of the young generation, the objective difficulties, constitute a demanding battle for the members and cadres of KNE, that requires mood of high contribution, study and special effort of assimilation of the Resolutions of the Party and KNE, of the collective experience.

From this point of view, we assess that the process of assimilating the contemporary revolutionary strategy of the Party, the Resolutions of the 20th Congress, the Program of the Party, the conclusions drawn from the History of the Party, is something that, as far as it proceeds in the Organs and the BOs, can constitute a solid ground for more combative, more capable forces of KNE, to contribute to the struggle of gaining the consciousness of the new generation in the struggle for socialism.

The discussion is combative from this point of view. It seems that there is a crucial force within the youth that does not give up under the pressure that“socialism is a utopia”, that living with real rights and not by opportunities is a “pie in the sky”, or something that will be provided by the good mood of the capitalists, the big business groups, the governments and the parties that serve them, if and when they want to.

The discussion is combative because the effort of the Organization to respond with terms of acquiring mass characteristicsto the sharpening problems of the youth that appear in a thousand ways into its everyday effort to find a job, to work, to be educated, to exercise, to be entertained, living, was evident. As well as the effort to respond to the issues brought by the current political developments andstrifethat was openedthrough the intervention and action of other forces within the youth.

We form a plan of aggressive projection of the proposal of the KKE in the youth centered on the BO

What is evident, is that for all the above, we can immediately take more decisive steps in the function of the leading organs of KNE. So that all the Organs can acquire a multifaceted intervention plan against the fragmentation and the splitting of tasks and the fragmented course of work. A plan that measures the results regarding the crucial elements of reinforcing KNE, namely the development of the bonds of the Organization with more young men and women, the politicization and radicalization in the thought and stance of the young people around us, the reinforcement of the anti-capitalist anti-monopoly orientation in the struggle, the construction and the recruitment.

A plan which, through the proper elaboration of the organs, the specialization both on the struggle, the propaganda and the forms of intervention, communication and joint struggle with young men and women, is aggressive, shakes and inspires for wider action and participation.So that we are capable of making the capitalist system and its political mouthpieces to “apologize” specifically, because the pursuit of profit is the one that crashesthe contemporary rights of the youth, the rights that are being withdrawn, and above all the ones that could have been established by the development of the capability of the man to produce, the development of technology and science. For the intensification of exploitation, the insecurity the youth is living under, the working conditions, education, health, sports and culture conditions. For wars, refugees, immigration, fascism and nationalism.

A plan that will highlight to even more people, through the intensification of the political discussion, that the true answer to the concerns of every young person lies in their participation in the struggle for the society that is the youth and beauty of the world, the society of socialism-communism. Even though the 20th century ended with the dramatic overthrow of socialism, the only rival of capitalism, this does not change the fact that our era remains the era of transition from capitalism to socialism and the 21st century will confirm this. No social system known to humanity ever prevailed at once. History always moves forward, despite any temporary zigzags.

Such a complete planning of the leading organs is not possible without putting on the center of work the cell of KNE, meaning the Base Organizations.

We correctly say that the rich and active function of the BOs is the decisive element for the fostering of unified will and action.

In this matter, we can become more capable, we can set this on the centre of the concern in a better way. We must not underestimate how crucial the element of the political guidance work is concerning all issues and how the BO functions, what are the subjects of discussion within the BO, whether the BO inspires combativeness and vanguard action both to its members and its place of intervention. What should concern us even more is the result of the experience, meaning that our political guidance work needs to penetrate into the problems, the personal difficulties and overall the lives of our members.

That is why the meaningful engagement in sports and culture cannot be something caused “by the way”, something isolated that best case scenario concerns only 1-2 “specialists”.

Or the action in some places, such as in Vocational training and Apprenticeship, to exist but not to be reflected, studied as experience, by the Organs and the cadres of KNE.

We correctly point out and we are concerned about the main issue of the bonds, of how the BOs bond with the young people of their place. It’s a task that comes along with different but high requirements wherever the BO acts. It is a unified goal, that has to be served with a specific plan by the leading organs.

The tasks of KNE regarding the election battles

The battle of the elections is integrated in our goals in order to reach and persuade even more young people to fight alongside the KKE, to disseminate within the youth the Program and policy of the KKE, it is linked to the aims of the reinforcement of KNE.

It is a hard battle, with intense ideological-political characteristics, and it is a very big and serious matter for thousands of young men and women to vote in the elections for the Party. It is going to be a battle of enhanced dilemmas, the effort of the bipolar schema of SYRIZA-ND to prevail, the special effort of SYRIZA to preserve its reinforced percentages in the youth. The vote of the youth must be decisive for the KKE to dismantle the criminal Nazi Golden Dawn from the third position, for the struggle to be strengthened against the system and the interests that bear fascism.

500.000 young people will vote for the first time in the upcoming elections, namely the students of the two last grades of High school and Technical Schools, the students of the first 3 years of their studies in universities and technological education institutes, the large majority of the students in public vocational education centers, vocational education and training school of the Manpower Employment Organization, private vocational education centers , merchant marine academies, and a large number of young workerswho are gathered in the Retail Trade, The Restaurants, Tourism, and the Telecommunications, as well as a part of young people who are wandering between education and apprenticeship, temporary employment and unemployment. A large part of young people who at this time are serving their military service is also voting for the first time. In addition, we are addressing another large partof young people, that of those above the age of 23. What has to be realized is that we must reach all the aforementioned, and this will greatly be judged on our own steady, multifaceted plan of intervention, propaganda and discussion.

A big part of the newly elected leading organs have not given the election battle before, which is a central political battle. This is normal, just like the support to the Organs must be, in order for us to quickly enter this specific work. Respectively, there are normal questions coming from our comrade students that must be answered while facing the battle: “How can I persuade the people to vote for the Party?”, “My friends don’t concern themselves with politics and the parties or just with the parties.”

We need to seriously take into account that the same way we are discussing about these 500.000 people, the same way we are elaborating slogans, arguments, ways and forms of communication and intervention, other parties do too. It’s not about a battle that comes to an end on the day after the elections. Everyone is concerned, especially the system, about the stance of the youth, the criterion that the youth forms, how the youth counters the consequences of the anti-people policy on the next day. Whether the youth will be more ready after the elections to counter the anti-people policy depends to a great extend on how many young men and women will strengthen the Party. The interest and the political discussion will rise in all places during the upcoming period, even by children or forces that were under the influence of the propaganda saying “parties out of the schools and universities”, since they will be now calledto vote for the local, regional, European parliament and parliamentary elections.

We set a specific and nationwide plan. We form clear goals and plans for all the youth places(every school complex and school, every department and school year of universities and technical education institutes, every public vocational education center, every neighborhood).

At the same time, we will give all our strength forthe enhancement and success of this year’s School Student Festivals.Our aim is for the callout of the KKE and KNE to reach out everywhere, to discuss with thousands of school students about the need of turning their experience into a criterion of vote and action, about their struggles, their needs, strengthening the KKE everywhere. For them to vote the same way they fight. Their first vote shall be red. For them to strengthen the ranks of KNE so that there will be even more young militants with radical thought and action in schools and classrooms, whowill be at the forefrontin organizing and coordinating the school student struggles, who will defend what is just, who through their stance and voice will pull new forces into the struggle for our contemporary needs in education, work, life.

To measure steps in the enhancement of the ideological-political work

Through the vast majority of the speeches, it was shown that the conflict with the intervention of the opponent is the decisive element of every effort we make in our intervention and action in every place. There were aspects highlighted in the discussion, regarding the content of the lessons in schools, the scientific field, the falsification of history, the anti-communism, the action of other forces. The effort of decisively influencing the terms of discussion and confrontation in a place, was shown by some comrades.

All the above prove that we need to measure steps in the overall enhancement of the ideological work in our ranks as a necessary element for the form of bonds, intervention in a place, recruitment and construction.

As it is mentioned in the political report of the Central Council towards the 12th Congress: “The main issue is to examine the way through which the ideological work would constitute the main aspect of the concrete plan that will be formed by each Organization and leading body of KNE, while understanding that it constitutes a necessary precondition to wage the confrontation against the real opponent, in order to intervene within young people with low social and political experience, in order to utilize in a well-aimed way the development and to highlight the necessity of the political proposal of the Party.”

The main issue where we must measure steps concerning the above is the ideological front, the codification and the reinforcement of the strife. It is an aspect we have not yet conquered to be done collectively, through discussion within the organs, a plan of strengthening the Organization, despite the fact that this is required in our intervention. Every organ needs to know which forces, organizations, institutions of the state intervene in the youth places of its responsibility. In which ways they influence the thought of the young people and the perception they form themselves. Furthermore, to detect in time and aptly the ways in whichthe current and non-current developments influence them.

During this process, it is necessary how our forces stand before these developments. Not only to answer, but also to step on each concern, to come out more aggressively. Thus, we must keep on the centre of our planning and our political guidance support how we form the way of thinking, the criterion to the members of KNE. How we upgrade the function of the BO, the content of our discussion, based on the special demands and needs.

We take into account that in all these, the struggle we conduct needs to be based on the level of consciousness of the young people we address, the special issues they are concerned about. This is not something easy. It requires mastery, capability of the organs, collective elaboration. In the Theses of the Central Council of KNE for the 12th Congress, an effort is made for the codification of “new” ideological constructs and life stance issues that are detected in the youth today. The aptly confrontation with the issues opened by the opponent, which we examinedin the Theses of the CC,issues such as the “individual-social rights”, the “realism” of submission, the projection of which the real anti-systemic force really is, what conflict means, the confrontation of fascism against the declarations of SYRIZA regarding “anti-fascist-progressive” fronts, go through the upgrade of the role of the ideological work on the daily function, action, and intervention of the Organization.

In order for the organs to be able to measure steps in all the above, an allocation is needed, that will embrace the codification of the struggle, the elaboration, the specialization. A cadre allocated to this work along with auxiliary staff is needed, as well as the ideological committees, which will strengthen the function and political guidance of the organs, from the Central Council to the Sectoral Councils and the bureaus of the Base Organizations.

Particularly we need to measure steps in supporting the Ideological Committee of the CC, under the responsibility of the next CC, the issues it discusses about, the conclusions it draws to be grounded on the life and action of the Organization, to function by reinforcing it. To fuel and support the leading organs. The same goes by for the ideological committees of the Regional Organizations and the responsibility that the Regional Councils and their bureaus bear for the upgrade of their function.

Along with the above, the positive steps we have taken for the realization of the inner-organizational education systemsneed to be preserved, and for the upcoming period to see their upgrading, under the responsibility of the leading organs. The attendance to the schools of new members by all members of KNE must be our goal. This is a key element for the assimilation of our new comrades, but also a main aspect for them to take their first steps in order to come in touch with the work of the classics of the revolutionary worldview, the strategy of the Party, their equipment, in order to find confidence in their political opening in every place, to create bonds with young men and women.

Every cadre and member of KNE must obtain the History Essay of the Party for the period 1918-1949, it needs to be integrated to the inner-organizational education systems, the same way all the elaborations of Historymust be utilized, elaborations that will proceed until the next Congress of KNE. The leading organs must follow regularly the course of assimilation of basic resolutions of the Party, such as the Resolution of the 18th Congress regarding the assessments and conclusions on socialist construction during the 20th century focusing on the USSR, the Program of the Party, and the Resolution of the 20th Congress.

The issueisin which way an educational political-cultural wave will be created in our ranks, which will increase our overall capability of intervening in every place, to come into conflict with the opponent. This includes the utilization of “Rizospastis”, the Communist Review, “Odigitis” and the political literary book, our familiarization with arts and culture. For example, the articles in “Rizospastis”, “Odigitis”, in the previous and the next issues of the Communist Review regarding the election battles must be the key element of our work for all the upcoming period. This includes lectures in the organs and lessons of the BOs, where the experience shows that they proceed with unevenness and in some Organizations they have not even been completed.

Particularly before the election battles, the reinforcement of the ideological work and the corresponding substructure that is required, constitutes a decisive factor for the more well-aimedand wider political workthat is going to be required, to plan our action in conditions of rapid development of events, in order to conduct the struggle in terms of counterattack against the opponent and not by just confronting with their intervention in the youth.

Having as a goal the more complete intervention in all youth places

Through the discussion our efforts are confirmed, as well as the experience that we concentrate regarding our intervention in the movement, which we can and must study in order to consolidate our steps and to generalize our efforts in all parts of the youth. We must be concerned, on the grounds of our resolutions, about how we will acquire a more complete intervention in all places that the youth is educated, lives and works, for all its contemporary rights.

The steps that we have made in the intervention in the school student movement and in the battles that we gave during the previous period stand out, which was also confirmed through the contributions of our school student comrades and the school student cadres. The fact that we managed to have the initiative, to contribute- although not uniformly- in the reviving of the school student communities, in the multiform militant actions concerning the life of the school student in school, but also outside of it, was never simple nor given. We never acted without an opponent. Regardless if other political forces appeared established or not in each school, was is certain is that our forces were coming in conflict with the dominant ideology, the logic of fatalism and the “lesser evil”, with the pro-student profile that SYRIZA was trying and is still trying to build. Our intervention in an important part of the school students broke this ignorance, like it happened for example with the Prespes Agreement, as the members of KNE, against everyone else, pointed out its real NATO character, enlightened about the role of NATO and the responsibilities of the government, opening thus a real conflict with the various fascist groups that attempted to shed the nationalist poison and in the end failed in hundreds of schools. Our forces in the effort to organize school student struggles and multiform militant actions, came in conflict with logics such as that “nothing comes out of the struggles”, which hindered the integration of school students in the action. Through their stance and the severe ideological and political confrontation, even with the content of the school textbooks, we managed to create concerns to some school students, to convince others, to pull into action new forces, regardless if they agreed with all the issues that we pointed out.

And this proves the capability of the Organization to influence and form a climate of demanding and multiform militant action. These steps, which are not unified, do not make us at all complacent. On the contrary, they set before us the task with even greater requirement and leading care to support our school student BOs and each school student comrade, so that in the following period our forces will play in a unified way the leading and vanguard role in the escalation of the militant actions in schools.

The smidgens of militant action that stand out in parts of the university students, the experience that we have acquired in forming frameworks, spearheads and demands in view of the reactionary changes in Higher Education, constitute a base in order to manage to generalize the positive steps, which are isolated, to multiply the hotspots of organization and demand, with an increase in the degree of organization within the students in each faculty and department.

The negative correlation that remains in the majority of the students’ unions of the universities and technological educational institutes, under our decisive intervention, can be altered through a persistent, stable plan of action, demand and strife, by setting specific goals and measuring our work on the occasion of the annual milestone of the student elections that we have before us and the nationwide meeting of MAS.

The leading organs in the universities and technical education institutes and the respective cadres from the Bureaus of the Regional Councils, with first and foremost the responsibility of the Central Council and all the way to the bureaus of the base organizations, need to ensure in every faculty and institute the initiative-taking, multifaceted and vanguard action of our forces in the organization of the struggle of the students. Through studying and elaborating in each phase the way in which and with what outcome the anti-monopoly – anti-capitalist line of struggle is adopted, which is expressed in the rallying of even more students’ unions and students with the coherent struggle framework of demands of MAS. This constitutes a special task in the students’ unions where “Panspoudastiki KS” is the first force. Aiming to make these students’ unions even more, we will give the battle of the student elections, which this year will probably take place on April 10th.

The support of the student BOs is a decisive element, in order for each member of KNE or group of communists in each year of study to establish themselves widely through their vanguard action, their ability to rally students and to broaden their bonds, to act together with their fellow students regarding all the issues that concern them, raising the confrontation with the government, the administrations and the other forces. The few examples of our intervention in this direction and the ways that these have paved confirm that this needs to be set at the center of our attention.

The course of the organizational growth of KNE and the promotion of a construction plan in every area is crucial

The course of the organizational growth of KNE will be decisive in all our efforts. On this basis, we assess that we are able to enhance our work regarding the plan of construction, on what we prioritize and what kind of measures we will take. This task cannot be let loose on the general political work. Especially in schools, where it was proven that the growth of KNE is a decisive factor for its whole course, in important workplaces, in vocational training schools that fuel the industrial sectors, the transportations and more, in big urban centers where our forces are few, in the early grades of the universities and the technical education institutes all over the country.

The new CC needs to elaborate at lenght the issues of construction, in an extended Meeting after the Congress as well.


With the closure of our works we can say that the decisiveness, the optimism that was expressed in the 12th Congress and reflects to a great extent the pre-congress procedure as a whole, will be the starting point of new, stronger efforts to actualize the slogan of our Congress: “Even more and more capable, we pave the way for what is truly contemporary and young, for a world worthy of our dreams and worthy of our people, socialism.”

This is what every delegate of the Congress will convey to their Organization, their place, across the country. This is the message that we send, with actions not with words, starting from tomorrow, rallied in our resolutions, responding to the expectations that our Party has of KNE.



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