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19th Congress of KKE

Solidarity with the struggle of the youth in Chile

We salute the struggles of the Chilean youth, the mass-militant popular demonstrations and strikes that have spread against the harsh anti-popular measures of the Piñera government that aggravated the life of the working people, with the latest ones being those for the increase in the prices of the mass transit, the fuels and electricity, shrinking once again the popular income.


We denounce the violent repression of the mass popular demonstrations that has caused the death of 20 demonstrators so far, including minors, by police fire. Hundreds are the wounded and thousands are the arrested. In a frenzy of authoritarianism, the police forces also target communists, since, among other things, they raided a building unprovoked, where three members of the Communist Youth of Chile were present ˙ Valentina Miranda, representative of CoNES(National Coordination of Students of Chile), Pablo Ferrada, responsible of the CY of Chile for the students and Anaís Pulgar, member of the organisation. After they attacked them with pepper spray, they proceeded to prosecutions.

We denounce the hypocritical stance of the EU, which, through its intervention, called the demonstrators and the government of Chile to “come into terms”, putting the perpetrator and the victim on the same footing. Let us note that Chile, according to the EU, constitutes a model in the region of Latin America for the high rates of capitalist growth, because “it promotes human rights, the rule of law and good governance” having also signed an Association Agreement with the EU.

We stand in solidarity with the Communist Youth of Chile and the persecuted militants, the just struggles of the youth and the people for a life with contemporary rights!

For the young people of working class-popular families, there is only one road leading towards a just future˙ the one of organisation and struggle, of rupture with the policy of monopolies. The road of the overthrow of the capitalist system, which on one hand bears profits for a handful of capitalists and on the other hand poverty, destitution, unemployment and expensive studies for an imperfect literacy for the people and its children. The road of struggle for socialism-communism!

International Relations Committee of the CC of KNE


KNE 2011