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19th Congress of KKE

Speech of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) in the 20th General Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Central Council of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), we salute the delegates of the Youth Organisations that participate in the 20th General Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).


We deeply thank EDON for hosting our works here in Cyprus. We want to express our solidarity once more with its members, cadres and friends, overall with the youth of Cyprus that was born and grows up under conditions of occupation of almost half of the country for up to 45 years.

Furthermore, we express our internationalist solidarity with the peoples and the young men and women that are targeted by imperialist aggression, such as the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, and Palestine. We send internationalist militant greetings to the people of Bolivia that experiences the tragic consequences of a US-inspired coup, as well as to other peoples of Latin America, such as the peoples of Chile, Ecuador and Colombia that, despite the state violence and repression, demonstrate massively against the anti-popular policy in order to conquer their rights. To the peoples of Iraq and Lebanon that carry out big demonstrations with just demands.



KNE contributes in the discussion with all its forces so the decisions adopted by the 20th General Assembly of WFDY will serve the struggle of millions of young militants all around the world that fight against imperialism. For this struggle to be strengthened, to make a step forward and to be vindicated.

Between the years of 1989-1991, with the counter-revolutionary overthrows in the USSR and the other socialist countries, WFDY also received a great hit. This hit was the result of the blow that main footholds of the Federation took: Communist Youth Organisations (CYOs) were dissolved, others were mutated by essentially taking the side of the forces of imperialism. Many organisations gave the fight then in order to secure the anti-imperialist character of WFDY against those who wanted a mutated WFDY, diffused in other formations, in international NGOs and Social Fora.

Despite the negative consequences, with this battle the Federation secured its character while we were able to draw essential conclusions, e.g. that the weakening of the CYOs weakens the Federation itself, politically and organisationally. The conclusion stands also for today: The strengthening of the bonds, the joint action and the strengthening of the CYOs constitutes the base to strengthen WFDY as well, in the new, more complex conditions.

Carrying this historic legacy, we believe that WFDY today can and must play a decisive role in the reinforcement of the international anti-imperialist movement under conditions of sharpening of the imperialist contradictions and the aggression of capital against the peoples.

At the same time, we live in an era when the contradictions of capitalism are sharpening. We act under conditions that are characterised by the “new” problems we will have to face, which derive from the instability of the capitalist system since the signs of a new capitalist economic crisis start to appear, which will embrace the powerful capitalist states, and from the sharpening of the imperialist antagonisms and contradictions for the share and control of the markets centered on the energy sources, the mineral resources and transport. All these issues lead to the intensification of the rearrangement of regional and international alliances, as well as of the war, military conflicts and the antagonisms.

Within this framework, the capital is trying to find new fields of satisfactory profitability.

“Climate change” is utilised for the enhancement of the capitalist investments, so that the capital will make profit from the problems it causes by itself.

A similar discussion has opened regarding the “digital economy” and the “fourth industrial revolution”. The scientific and technological discoveries, i.e. the development of the productive forces today, instead of being utilised for the satisfaction of the popular needs, are becoming the base for the even greater intensification of the exploitation of the working class aiming at the profitability of the capitalists.

These antagonisms objectively lead the capitalist states to conflicts which are likely to be expressed more intensively in the upcoming period with the form of war conflicts. The war preparations are intensifying on an international level.

In this framework, the role of Greece is enhanced in the region; our country is undertaking the role of the flag-bearer of the US-NATO pursuits. This is exactly what is also being achieved with the USA-Greece agreement that was signed in October, which provides the upgrade of the existing bases in Greece and the creation of new ones. The government of the conservative New Democracy, continuing on the path that the social-democratic SYRIZA has opened, entangles our people even deeper in the imperialist plans.

Of course, the foreign policy followed by the capitalist states goes hand in hand with the internal policy. It is no coincidence that the conflicts between states and their bourgeois classes are intensifying, while at the same time the anti-popular policy, the repression of the labour movement and anti-communism are also intensifying.

Dear Comrades,

Under these conditions in Greece, we struggle so that KNE can strengthen as a whole as the Youth of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). So that our Organisation can gain the ability to fulfill its vanguard role, to contribute with young forces in the regroupment of the labour and popular movement, to connect the concerns, the development of struggles of the youth from younger ages with the promotion of the anti-capitalist, anti-monopoly struggle, in the framework of the social alliance, the struggle against imperialist war, for the worker’s power.

The needs of the young people themselves are the basis for the development of militant processes that under circumstances can lead to sudden outbursts.

Dear comrades,

There is a growing need today to reinforce the action of WFDY, in order to contribute to the mobilization of forces and organizations, against the policies of the capital, the governments and their unions, the imperialist plans and wars. This presupposes the strengthening of the character of WFDY itself as an international anti-imperialist youth organization. The struggle of WFDY must target the real enemy: the monopolies, their governments, the international imperialist alliances, the EU and NATO, to turn against the imperialist wars and the causes that bear them.

KNE, based on its rich action, its contribution to the struggles of the youth and its internationalist presence, is nominating itself for re-election at the position of the Vice President of the Comission of Europe and North America. It takes up a position on the candidacies of other organisations for the WFDY bodies based on the criteria set out in this contribution.

“Forward for our future! - Until we have built the world we have dreamed of and fought for” as the slogan of the General Assembly mentions.

So, forward for the overthrow of the rotten system, of capitalism that is at its highest – monopoly – stage, imperialism.

Forward for socialism, the world without exploitation, war, crisis, refugees, fascism. The new world that is worth dreaming of and making every sacrifice and effort so it can become a reality for the youth, the workers, the peoples.

Because, as the KKE and KNE's slogan says: "Our future is not capitalism, it’s the new world Socialism!"

KNE 2011