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19th Congress of KKE

No to the imperialists’ dangerous plans in the Middle East and Persian Gulf – Solidarity with the peoples of Iran and Iraq!

The attack of the USA at the Baghdad airport led to a new escalation of conflict between the USA and Iran, dangerous for the people of the Middle East and Persian Gulf. The escalation comes in a period of rearrangements within the international alliances and of fierce competition for energy resources, their transportation routes and their geostrategic spheres of influence, where great forces participate, such as Russia, China and other regional ones.

Regarding these developments the Press Office of the Central Committee of KKE published announcements, which denounce the imperialist aggressiveness of the US and call to solidarity with the peoples of Iraq and Iran, who are the target of this aggressiveness.


  • Comment of the Press Office on the American attack at the Baghdad airport:

“The ΚΚΕ denounces the new air strike of the USA in the international airport of Iraq ordered by Trump and resulting in the death of 8 officials, with Qassem Soleimani being one of them. This attack aggravates the situation in Persian Gulf and in the surrounding area.

The necessity of the KKE’s position on mass struggle against the policy that involves our country and our people in the imperialist plans and agreements with the US and Israel is being once again highlighted. A policy, promoted by the government of ND, in the footsteps and with the support of SYRIZA and KINAL."



  • On D. Trump's statement, the Press Office of the CC of the KKE mentions the following:

“Trump's statement had elements of a war communique, posing enormous risks for all the peoples of the region.
The demand for NATO's further involvement in the Middle East, along with sanctions on Iran, sharpen the already tense situation, bringing the risk of a generalized outbreak closer.

The Greek governments have a huge responsibility in turning Greece into a US-NATO military camp, with military bases throughout the country that could be a potential target of reprisals. Prime Minister Mitsotakis' overt support for US policy engages the Greek people in great adventures and must be denounced.

It is now necessary to intensify people's struggle to annul the Greece-US agreement and close the base of Souda and all US-NATO bases in Greece. Our country must not be used as a launching pad for war interventions. All Greek military forces must return from NATO missions.”





KNE 2011