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19th Congress of KKE

Material from the Discussions at the 45th Festival KNE-Odigitis, September 2019

The present brochure, edited by the Ideological Committee of the Central Council of KNE, contains the material of the events “Life without exploitation in the era of the digital economy” and “The ‘Chernobyls’ of capitalism, behind the myth of ‘Green Development’ “ that took place within the framework of the 45th Festival of KNE-Odigitis in Athens, “Antonis Tritsis” Park.


We have faith that this publication will constitute a source of concern as well as a stimulus, in order for all of us young men and women, everyone who is suffocatingwithin the framework of this system to become more capable of answering the new questions that our daily life brings, to become more capable in our struggle for a world on the basis of the capabilities of the era, with all of our contemporary needs satisfied.


KNE 2011