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19th Congress of KKE

KNE’s activities on the occasion of George Floyd’s murder

From the first moment, after the brutal murder of the unemployed Afro-American George Floyd by policemen in the USA, KNE denounced publicly this crime and informed the youth of Greece. KNE also organized militant mobilizations in front the US Embassy in Athens and in dozens other cities with central slogan “Capitalism means, I can’t breathe!” The organizations of KNE held discussions and events at spots and youth centers in Greece, with the above slogan as their main subject. KNE aims to meet again with thousands of young people, who see the burst of anger in the US and other countries, expressed with millions of participants in demonstrations.





Event at the School of Philosophy of Athens with main speaker Nikos Zacharopoulos, member of the Bureau of the Central Council of KNE



Event-discussion at KNE’s open-air spot at Heraklion city, in Crete




KNE aims to answer the questions and to discuss the conclusions from these developments that promote the revolutionary struggle. KNE discusses for the barbaric nature of the capitalist system and the bourgeois state. This is shown in the country-symbol of capitalism and the bourgeois democracy where the working class, the poor people, the popular strata are left to die from the coronavirus, where people are murdered in cold blood and are condemned to unemployment.

Mobilization at Xanthi city. In one picket you can read: “Poverty, Unemployment, Racism, this is capitalism!”



KNE’s graffiti at a university in Athens





Above all, we discuss for the overthrow of this barbaric system, which may seem powerful, nevertheless its very contradictions trigger people’s anger, and highlight that socialism is necessary and timely.


Initiatives of School Student’s and Student’s Unions

The school-students at the demonstrations against the new Education draft law united their voices with the protestors in the USA and other countries and shouted “we can’t breathe” due to all the problems that the system is burdening us , among them a school that exhausts.


Students’ Unions of Athens in front of the US Embassy


Student Unions correspondingly demonstrated on 4 June in front of the US Embassy expressing their solidarity to the American people.


School students form with their school bags George Floyd’s last words and raise pickets writing “USA-NATO-EU enemies of the people” during the demonstration for education on 9 June.



KNE 2011