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19th Congress of KKE


Numerous activities were organised by KNE’s Organisations all over Greece for 26 June, International Day Against Drugs.

With events, meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, sports tournaments, artistic creation, etc. we are sending a strong message against all drugs, while at the same time we promote KNE's positions, by disseminating in a mass way the publication of the Committee of the Central Council of KNE Against Drugs "Look for the real substance - Say NO to all drugs" (

The central event took place in 26 June at Syntagma Square from 18.30 to 21.00.




This year's International Day Against Drugs is of particular importance, as the pandemic of Covid-19 has brought to the fore, stunningly, the impasses and the barbarity of capitalism, the system of injustice and exploitation, which produces, advertises and generously offers drugs to intoxicate and suppress the mind and life… KNE calls on the youth to fight against the policy that wants young men and women with their mind ”in a daze” and their head bowed! To resist combatively against the attack on their rights! The thrilling moments and the real emotions are found in life itself, in the struggle for a truly free world, where the people and the youth "will be able to breathe"...

Drug addicts are both among the coronavirus direct losses and collateral damage...

A large part of drug addicts have their organism severely affected by drug use and they are vulnerable or high-risk groups. The constant chase after their dose, constantly leads these people to the streets or in some cases the streets are their home. So the slogan "Stay at home" was quite ironic... Others imprisoned in the nightmare of addiction, they subordinate their mind, and their whole life revolves around the narcotic substance, that’s why for them the phrase "individual responsibility" lacks any meaning. In fact, even before Covid-19 many users could not easily access hospitals due to stigmatisation. All these people, who were led to use due to the impasses and brutality of the capitalist system, they were eventually left at the mercy of the pandemic by the same system.

At the same time, however, when it comes to former users who decided to rehabilitate, treatment programs were left unfunded and understaffed despite the fact that the need for multifaceted support and the possibility of relapse to drug use were greatly increased by the quarantine conditions.
Drug "pandemic"...

The most recent researches so far, examining the effect of the pandemic on drug use, are recording an increase in use, with serious indications of occurring in a more systematic way. This can be shown by the queues created outside coffee shops in the Netherlands and cannabis stores in the US and Canada immediately after the announcement of the restriction measures, by "stockpiling" substances, by the increase in the darknet cannabis sales, by the increase of drug prices due to demand increase etc.

The glorification of "individual responsibility", the absence of state responsibility, made the impasses of capitalism clearer. The uncertainty for the next day amongst broad popular strata was intensified internationally, while "social distancing" increased the feelings of confinement and loneliness, i.e. factors that give rise to drug use. These facts, combined with the chronic and orchestrated efforts of the system to exonerate drug use, have created the ground for greater demand.

The downgrading of treatment programs by all governments to date, the policies that destroy prevention and the motives for treatment, the marketing of cannabis industry have shown their results in a tragic way.

  • In March, sales of cannabis on the darknet increased by 25% (EMCDDA, May 2020).
  • An e-commerce cannabis company sold cannabis products worth 4.3 million euros in January-March 2020 (EMCDDA, May 2020).
  • Cocaine seizures increased by 20% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to last year (UNODC, May 2020).

Capitalism brings us "suffocation"!

During the pandemic, the double goals of the capitalist system through drugs were brilliantly revealed: Increase of capitalist profitability and social repression!

And while insecurity, fear and anger were on the rise, at the same time in many US states cannabis was considered a "first-aid need" and cannabis shops remained open throughout quarantine. After all, this is not the first time that the capitalist system has generously offered drugs, with the aim to cover up its barbarity and to prevent a possible burst of popular claims. Especially now that the system is facing a new economic capitalist crisis; a crisis that will stomp on the rights of the people and the youth.

Drugs – either legal or illegal – constitute a huge source for profits, contributing to maximise capitalist profit. In the middle of quarantine, the monopolies of the sector proceeded with necessary adjustments to continue drug trade without interruption. They promoted special online sales platforms and even fake news that linked substance use such as cannabis and cocaine, with coronavirus protection!

So at the time when life was at stake, there were some people that continued to feather their own nest by selling death. Moreover, cannabis is considered an economic opportunity by the European Union, the government and the other parties of the system, and they do not plan or allocate funds for prevention, treatment, and social reintegration, while at the same time the physical and mental health of the people is left unprotected!

Look it up... Find more about the positions of KNE against all drugs in!

We fight so that life will win!

Drug use and addiction is neither some kind of disease nor a personal choice. It is a social phenomenon and this is proven once again. The changes within socio-economic conditions influence and develop this phenomenon. They attribute to it new features.

The fight against drugs is a war against the system that creates and reproduces this phenomenon. It is a war against capitalism. This is a position of the KKE and KNE that is proven once again.

These conditions expose the parasitism and barbarity of this system in all its glory. More than even it is clearer that the profits, human life and safety don’t coincide. Drugs together with other aspects of this system leave only one way out: OVERTHROW! We must overthrow this system that suffocates us! We must construct a new society, the socialist – communist society. A society where the social needs are not a commodity anymore and the and centrally planned production sets man in focus. A society that renders drug use and addiction as a means of “escapism” unnecessary!

*The Headline photo is from an event-discussion with students on the subject against all drugs.


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