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19th Congress of KKE

Speech of Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE, at the Seminar of KNE.





Topic: The developments in the Middle East, North Africa, South East Mediterranean, the Balkans and the development of the anti-imperialist struggle.


We greatly thank the comrades from the Communist Youth organizations, WFDY, the anti-imperialist movements which with their presence honour the 37th Festival of KNE-Odigitis, which constitutes a very important political and cultural event reaching beyond the boundaries of Greece and contributing to the anti-imperialist struggle.


We consider this discussion on the developments in our region both timely and necessary, even more so when it takes place in a period of intense imperialist aggressiveness, the sharpening of inter-imperialist competition which are creating a very dangerous situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.


A situation which , in the conditions of the deep synchronised capitalist crisis of over-accumulated capital which seeks avenues for its utilisation, is characterised by the sharpening of inter-imperialist contradictions and could even lead to generalised military conflicts, as a continuation of the imperialist wars which have been unleashed against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.


It is a fact that Turkey’s threats against Cyprus are increasing, the relations between Turkey and Israel are sharpening, the aggressiveness of Israel against the Palestinian people, Egypt and Lebanon is being reinforced, a plan of imperialist intervention in Syria is underway which apart from the destabilization and overthrow of the government aims at creating the conditions for an offensive against Iran, using its nuclear programme as a pretext.


The competition for the division of the loot is following the war in Libya after the situation which has been formed by the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime through the military offensive which NATO and the EU unleashed, with the support of the Greek government which provided once again military bases, Greek territory for the imperialist goals.


These developments highlight that our region, the region of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa, the more general region which includes the Persian Gulf, the Balkans, the Caspian, is one of major strategic importance because it has massive petrol and natural gas reserves, energy transport routes and basic marine routes.


The large monopoly economic groups of the powerful imperialist and regional states, which are competing for the control and exploitation of the energy resources, are making use of this region. The race between the USA, France, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey and Israel is constantly intensifying, this also includes Russia and China which in recent years have penetrated the region with multifaceted business activities.


The analysis of the KKE is based on Marxist-Leninist positions concerning imperialism which is the highest monopoly stage of capitalism, which is characterised by the internationalization of capital, the aggressive expansion of the monopolies, the major economic groups, and reaction in every field.


The analysis of the KKE takes into account that imperialism is a system in which the capitalist states participate, based on their level of development, occupying a specific position in the imperialist pyramid in line with their economic, political and military strength, struggling for the best possible position for their monopolies, in a course of balances and competition, with the creation of axes and anti-axes and realignments due to the change in the correlation of forces.


No bourgeois class, no political force which the serves the interests of the capitalists is “innocent”. Alliances, permanent or temporary, the jumping from one alliance to the other, the accession into imperialist organizations, such as NATO, the EU and other regional alliances aim to serve more effectively the interests of the bourgeois classes.


Using these ideological tools, we face the developments in our region and we would like to pose in today’s meeting certain positions regarding the recent events.


Firstly, in relation to the developments in Egypt and Tunisia.

It is undeniable that working class and popular struggles developed, a large section of the people rose up, especially intermediate strata and youth, against poverty, unemployment, corruption and repression which the Mubarak and Ben Ali regimes imposed- whose parties participated in the Socialist International, which has as its president the Greek Prime Minister, Mr Papandreou.


The KKE supported the people’s struggle and interprets the developments as being a result of a combination of internal and external factors, with the former in the predominant position.


Sections of the bourgeois class participated and participate in the process of changes with the aim of both modernising the economic base and liberalising sectors and fields of the economy which remain under state control, as well as the bourgeois-parliamentary adjustment of the political system, so that it corresponds with the development of the capitalist economy.


This assessment, does not underestimate the role of the USA which has connected its interests with the region and works, in the context of intense inter-imperialist competition, based on the plan for the “new, Greater Middle East”, to strengthen its position, to promote the process of bourgeois modernization, preparing transitional political solutions which do not exclude so-called “political Islam”, Turkey is such an example.


Our party does not use the term revolution because this has a deeper meaning which is related to the change of social class in power.


Revolution is what is required, it can break out in a revolutionary situation and demands a really powerful revolutionary communist party, a well-prepared, class-oriented working class, determined to fight for the overthrow of the old exploitative capitalist regime, and to construct the new society of socialism-communism.


Secondly, in relation to the developments in Libya. The KKE had nothing to do with the Gaddafi regime, which waged war on communists and did not allow the creation of a communist party. Nevertheless, the principled political line of the KKE, its consistent anti-imperialist stance is expressed by its struggle against the imperialist war, the demand that the bombing immediately ceases as well as every other form of military operation, and that Greece disengage itself.


In Libya, one more unjust imperialist war was waged over the control of the oil and natural gas reserves, for the control of the region, expressing the reaction of the powerful imperialist states, such as the USA, France and Great Britain, concerning the choices of the Gaddafi regime to downgrade the role of the monopoly groups of these states and to enhance Libya’s relations with China, Russia, and more generally with the BRIC countries.


These developments have no relation to the interests of the Libyan people who are suffering both because of their bourgeois class and its regime and due to the imperialist intervention. Those who are leading the anti-regime forces are, as a rule, officials who served in the Gaddafi regime, were backed and prepared by the USA, France and Britain, which provided and provide special military forces to shape the terrain in order to allow them to promote their interests.


The division of the energy reserves and the struggle for more general business activities are taking place in an environment of sharpening competition and contradictions, with the possibility of the deterioration of the situation if the positions of anti-regime officials concerning the pushing aside of China and Russia become a reality, whose large economic capitalist groups have made investments and signed contracts worth billions of dollars.


The arguments concerning the legitimization of the imperialist offensive by the decisions of the UN security Council are dangerous and must be dealt with decisively by the peoples-we are responsible for informing them that the UN has been placed for many years at the service of the imperialist plans, particularly after the counterrevolutionary overthrows in the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries.


International law, where the international balance of forces is expressed, which has become very negative for the peoples, is used support imperialist aggressiveness.


Third, the developments in Syria are part of the imperialist plan which is promoting realignments in the region.


We have a critical stance concerning the political line of the Baath and the Assad government, we castigate the anti-people measures which it implements or measures which restrict political and trade union activity.


But our position must take into account that in Syria a confrontation is taking place over the management of power, with the intervention of imperialist powers, with the intervention of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, on the side of the anti-regime forces which have at their centre the “Muslim Brotherhood”. This is an intervention in the internal affairs of Syria and this violates the basic rule that the Syrian people are responsible for the developments in the country.



We want to stress that particular attention is necessary concerning claims about an “Arab Spring” which are used misleadingly by bourgeois and opportunist forces in Greece.


The communists cannot thoughtlessly support every political change. We examine the role of the social classes, the political forces, we take into account the content of the political positions. We measure whether the changes serve the people’s interests and on this basis we cannot applaud the position that the anti-regime forces in Libya which have taken over power via the imperialist bombings and with their reactionary positions, or the anti-regime forces in Syria which are organized and supported by foreign, imperialist powers or that the military administration of Egypt and the government of Tunisia are vehicles for social progress.


On the contrary we support the position that the communist parties and the anti-imperialist movements, the working class, the popular forces have the obligation to utilise the various historical moments, safeguarding their independence from the bourgeois class and the imperialist unions, to strengthen the class struggle, the anti-monopoly anti-imperialist struggle and to create alliances in the direction of working-class, popular power, socialism.


Fourth, the bourgeois class of Turkey utilises its economic and military strength, it seeks a strategic role in the field of energy, a role as a strong regional power and works on the basis of a plan for the expansion of Turkish monopoly interests in the Balkans, in the Caucasus, in the Black Sea, in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East in order to extract the largest share of the natural resources and markets in the region, even by utilising religious feelings.


The Turkish occupation of 37% of Cyprus is still in force and the Turkish government with provocations and threats takes a position against the Republic of Cyprus, against the sovereign rights of Cyprus, its right to determine and exploit the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).


We condemn the threats which the Turkish government is hurling against Cyprus, we are in a state of readiness and we are very pleased that over the next few days anti-imperialist and peace movements from Turkey, Cyprus and Greece are meeting in Istanbul to discuss the developments and to organize the struggle.


The KKE supports the struggle of the Cypriot people and the efforts of the President of the Republic for a unified, independent Cyprus based on a bi-zonal, bi-communal solution, with a single sovereignty and international entity, without foreign bases and armies, a common homeland for Turkish-Cypriots and Greek-Cypriots, with out foreign guarantors and protectors.


Fifth, an important element of the developments is the tension in Turkish-Israeli relations. The causes of this tension are not limited to the Israeli assault on the ship “Mavi Marmara” of the Gaza solidarity fleet. But they are connected to the confrontation between two strong regional imperialist powers over the control of the region.


We have the obligation to inform and enlighten the peoples so that they can understand the actions and aggressive posturing in relation to Israel do not express the people’s interests but the interests of the Turkish bourgeois class and the more general plans which serve the goal of a “New Middle East”.


The KKE fights against the participation of the Greek government in the imperialist plans, it fights against the aggressiveness of Turkey and Israel, the political-military agreements of the Greek government with Israel, agreements which are being continually strengthened and constitute the basis for joint military exercises which are preparing the ground for aggressive military actions against Iran, they are aimed against the peoples of the region, against the Palestinian people.


Our party consistently supports the struggle of the Palestinian people and recently, through a new initiative, highlighted in Greece and Palestine, the demand for the recognition of the Palestinian state with the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, as a member-state of the UN.


In addition we salute the joint efforts of the World Peace Council (WPC) and WFDY which will visit Palestine in the next few days.


Sixth, we closely monitor the course of the Greco-Turkish relations, in which there coexists the element of economic and political cooperation with the element of competition, in the context of the race of the bourgeois classes to enhance the position of the two states in the imperialist “pyramid”.


The KKE treats the issue of the mineral and energy resources in the Aegean from the standpoint of the perspective of people’s power and the people’s economy which is the basic precondition for the utilisation of the natural resources of the country in the people’s interests.


Thus, we oppose the policies of the Greek governments, the policies of retreating from what are provided for in the international treaties and especially the International Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982 which records that the islands have a continental shelf and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and determines the territorial waters at 12 nautical miles, an issue which Turkey treats as a reason for war.


Many years of experience demonstrate how false and misleading these claims are, of the bourgeois and opportunist forces which argued that the accession of Greece to NATO and the EU, which intervene in the region using the common security and defence policy, would prevent tension and competition, would safeguard the sovereign rights.


The essence is that the participation of the two states in NATO reinforces the activity of this dangerous military-political organization which is becoming more aggressive with the new strategy that was recently decided on in Lisbon.


In this context the Aegean is treated as a “joint operational area”, the logic of its joint-management is promoted, and the logic of the questioning of the borders is favoured.


The KKE is consistently orientated to the development of friendship, international solidarity between the working class and peoples of Greece and Turkey, basing its stance on the principle of proletarian internationalism.


The solution for the two peoples is to be found in the overturning of the cause which gives birth to contradictions, conflicts, wars. And this cause is none other than capitalist superprofits.


Seventh, we monitor with care and concern the developments in the Balkans where the competition between the bourgeois classes and nationalism are strengthening as well as the imperialist presence with the accession of the states of the Western Balkans into the EU and the expansion of NATO in the region.


An important issue is the secession of Kosovo which occurred after the US-NATO offensive against Yugoslavia in 1999 and the dismemberment of this country.


The relations between Greece and FYROM (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) are often in the news.


The KKE, for many years, based on its principles and in opposition to the dominant current, held the position that the obsession over the name was politically dangerous and a dead-end. We consider that in a negotiation for the discovery of a jointly acceptable solution, where the name Macedonia or derivative is included in whatever manner, it should strictly have only a geographical definition.


We demand an end to irredentist propaganda, for there to be mutual recognition of the inviolability of the borders, the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the two countries.


Historical experience teaches that the bourgeois class and the imperialist unions utilise existing minority issues and/or create non-existing minority issues to divide the peoples, so that they can enforce the policy of “divide and rule”.


The KKE calls on the working class, the peoples of the region and stresses that their interests are to be identified with joint anti-imperialist anti-monopoly struggle, for the disengagement from NATO and the EU, the removal of foreign military bases and nuclear weapons, the prevention of the installation of the so-called anti-missile shield which NATO and the USA promote- with the responsibility of the Greek, Turkish and other governments-and the return home of military forces from the imperialist missions and that this struggle be incorporated into the struggle for working class, popular power, that is to say socialism. This the crucial issue.


The struggle for socialism determines everything else, the daily struggle goals of the labour-people’s movement, it determines the political line of alliances which contributes to the concentration and preparation of popular forces for tough class confrontations.


Only when the basic means of production become the property of the people, social property and the economy develops with central planning and workers’ social control can the causes of unemployment and poverty be wiped out and the people’s needs be satisfied.


On this basis the peoples can live peacefully, creatively and utilise for their own benefit the natural resources which will be the property of the people. Otherwise the vicious circle of capitalist crises and wars will continue, exposing in the most painful way how deceptive and dangerous the slogan of the European Left Party is (ELP), and more generally of the opportunist forces which proclaims “People before Profit”, as it is undeniable that as long as capitalist barbarity and capitalist profits are maintained, the working class and the peoples will experience exploitation and oppression.


The communists condemn the unjust imperialist wars, in the knowledge that wars, which are a continuation of politics by other violent means, are inevitable as long as society is divided into classes, as long as the exploitation of man by man exists.


The replacement of war by peace in favour of the people cannot be achieved without the replacement of capitalism by socialism, because an imperialist peace prepares the new imperialist wars.


Our party is opposed to the logic which promotes the so-called “multi-polar world” as a solution because this position conceals the class essence of the states, the class essence of imperialism, which is the existence and development of the monopolies and that the peoples are called on to choose imperialist.


What determines and judges the character of a state is the character of the relations of production which can either be capitalist or socialist. From the moment when capitalist relations of production are predominant and developing, the state regardless of its historical background is capitalist and incorporated into the imperialist system and the peoples experience the consequences.


These tried and tested positions of the Marxist-Leninist worldview must be engaged with by the communist parties, the communist youth organizations, and the anti-imperialist forces more than ever. They must be substantially discussed amongst the peoples so that the revolutionary standpoint is strengthened in opposition to bourgeois and opportunist forces which determine their political line based on the goal of maintaining the exploitative regime.


The KKE, with these positions, wages tough daily struggles for the interests of the working class, the popular strata, the youth which comes from the families of the popular strata, in opposition to the anti-people political line of PASOK and the other bourgeois parties, in conflict with the European Union, the interstate imperialist union which is aimed against the peoples.


In Greece the deep synchronised capitalist crisis of over-accumulated capital has manifested itself with particular intensity – the causes of the crisis are to be found in capitalist anarchy and unevenness, in the sharpening of the basic contradiction between the social character of production and labour on the one hand and the private capitalist ownership of its results on the other.


The KKE fights against the positions of the bourgeois and opportunist parties which distort the causes of the crisis and limit their criticism to “neo-liberalism”, whitewashing social-democracy and the capitalist system itself which the crisis and the imperialist wars demonstrate has exceeded its historical boundaries.


The KKE, PAME, the class-oriented movement and the militant rallies which our party supports, of the farmers, of the small craftsmen and tradesmen, of women and youth, play the leading role in the class struggle, in over 20 nationwide strikes which have been organized in Greece in the last two years, in the industry-level strikes, in dozens of demonstrations, in the occupations of government buildings, in multi-faceted struggles, in conflict with the anti-people political line, with demands which express the contemporary needs of the people, with the slogan: The plutocracy must pay for the crisis, the people have no responsibility for the crisis, deficits and debt.


The prestige of the KKE and of the class-oriented movement has been reinforced through this struggle, and our party is strengthening the efforts to develop class struggles, to concentrate and prepare working class and popular forces with as a direction the struggle for power.


The support for this struggle, the solidarity which is expressed by the communist parties, communist youth organizations and the anti-imperialist movements is significant and we convey the warm thanks of the KKE to all of them.




KNE 2011