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19th Congress of KKE


Numerous activities were organised by KNE’s Organisations all over Greece for 26 June, International Day Against Drugs.

With events, meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, sports tournaments, artistic creation, etc. we are sending a strong message against all drugs, while at the same time we promote KNE's positions, by disseminating in a mass way the publication of the Committee of the Central Council of KNE Against Drugs "Look for the real substance - Say NO to all drugs" (

The central event took place in 26 June at Syntagma Square from 18.30 to 21.00.



Solidarity with the Youth and the people USA

Common Announcement the Communist, Progressive and Anti-imperialist Youth organizations of the world

The Communist, progressive and Anti-imperialist Youth Organizations, that sign this common announcement, we condemn the most recent criminal acts in the USA,  the brutal murder of  Afro-American George Floyd, by the police, and the violent repression and attempted criminalization of  the struggles against racism, injustices and social inequalities. These events have exposed once again the aggressiveness of the USA and its Trump administration in the offensive against the workers and the people of the United States.


Message to the Embassy of Serbia in Greece

“To the Embassy of Serbia in Greece,

The Communist Party of Greece denounces and condemns the exclusion, the unjust and specious discriminations aimed against the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) and its electoral list, after the decision of the Election Commission of Serbia to reject its participation in the Parliamentary election in Serbia, held on 21 June.

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia submitted its candidacy application files in due time, along with the necessary signatures. Nevertheless, the Election Commission invoking certain pretexts did not accept the candidacy application files. Afterwards, the NKPJ’s appeal was also rejected by the administrative court of Belgrade.

It is noteworthy that while the communists’ electoral list was rejected, at the same time other lists of bourgeois-reactionary forces were accepted, even though they did not even meet the formal requirements. This is a political choice aiming to put obstacles to the political action, the dissemination of the communists’ ideas in Serbia.

The KKE expresses its solidarity with the NKPJ and asks from the Embassy of Serbia in Athens to convey our strong denouncement for this unacceptable exclusion to the Government of Serbia and the Election Commission”.

KNE’s activities on the occasion of George Floyd’s murder

From the first moment, after the brutal murder of the unemployed Afro-American George Floyd by policemen in the USA, KNE denounced publicly this crime and informed the youth of Greece. KNE also organized militant mobilizations in front the US Embassy in Athens and in dozens other cities with central slogan “Capitalism means, I can’t breathe!” The organizations of KNE held discussions and events at spots and youth centers in Greece, with the above slogan as their main subject. KNE aims to meet again with thousands of young people, who see the burst of anger in the US and other countries, expressed with millions of participants in demonstrations.


We are moving into the new phase with greater vigilance, taking advantage of the experience and possibilities for an ideological - political counterattack and rallying of popular forces to the Party

By Dimitris Koutsoumbas

GS of the CC of KKE. Published in the newspaper "Rizospastis" on May 23th 2020

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The situation that arose due to the coronavirus pandemic, imposed the immediate necessary adjustment of the operation and action of the entire Party and the KNE. An adaptation to the goal that our central slogan put forward from the first moment: "We stay strong, we do not stay silent". It was our response to the inadequate "We stay home" government propaganda.

We achieved this collectively, seeking to be at the forefront of the struggle to address the impact of the pandemic on health, work, and the living and survival conditions overall, helping to implement basic and crucial tasks that are integrated into the implementation of the Party's strategy.


Nous entrons dans la nouvelle phase avec une plus grande vigilance, profitant de l'expérience et des possibilités pour la contre-attaque idéologique et politique et le regroupement des forces populaires autour du Parti

Dimitris Koutsoumpas
Le SG de la CC de KKE

La situation créée en raison de la pandémie de coronavirus a imposé l’adaptation nécessaire immédiate du fonctionnement et de l'action de l'ensemble du Parti et de la KNE; l’adaptation à l'objectif de notre slogan central dès le premier instant: "Nous restons forts, nous ne restons pas silencieux". C'était notre réponse à la propagande inadéquate du gouvernement «On reste chez nous».

Nous l'avons fait collectivement, en cherchant à être dans la première ligne de la lutte contre les effets de la pandémie dans le domaine de la Santé, du travail, sur toutes les conditions de vie et de survie, en contribuant à la mise en œuvre des tâches essentielles et critiques, intégrées dans la mise en œuvre de la stratégie du Parti.


Pasamos a la nueva fase con mayor vigilancia, utilizando la experiencia y las posibilidades de contraataque ideológico-político y la agrupación de fuerzas populares al lado del Partido

Artículo de Dimitris Koutsoumpas, Secretario General del CC del KKE

Publicado en Rizospastis, el 23 de mayo de 2020

La situación que se ha creado a causa de la pandemia de coronavirus impuso el ajuste necesario inmediato del funcionamiento y la acción de todo el Partido y la KNE. Este ajuste tenía el objetivo que planteó nuestro lema central desde el primer momento: “¡Nos mantenemos fuertes, no nos callamos!”. Esta fue nuestra respuesta al lema “Nos quedamos en casa” de la propaganda insuficiente del gobierno. Lo conseguimos colectivamente, mientras nos esforzábamos por estar en la primera línea de la lucha para confrontar las consecuencias de la pandemia en la

Salud, en el trabajo, en general en todos los aspectos de la vida y la sobrevivencia, contribuyendo al cumplimiento de tareas básicas y cruciales, integradas en la implementación de la estrategia del Partido.


Мы вступаем в новую фазу пандемии, проявляя большую бдительность, используя опыт и возможности для идейно-политической контратаки и сплочения народных сил вокруг нашей партии

Димитриса Куцумбаса - Генсека ЦК КПГ

опубликована в газете «РИЗОСПАСТИС» 23 мая 2020 года

Ситуация, сложившаяся из-за пандемии коронавируса, потребовала немедленной необходимой адаптации работы и деятельности всей партии и КМГ к поставленной с самого первого момента цели, точно выраженной лозунгом «Мы остаёмся сильными, не молчим». И это был наш ответ на неудовлетворительный призыв правительственной пропаганды "Оставайтесь дома".

Мы сделали это коллективно, стремясь находиться на переднем крае борьбы с  пандемией в сфере здравоохранения, труда, во всех сферах жизни людей в целом, помогая решать основные и важнейшие задачи, интегрированные в реализацию стратегии партии.


Competitions out of control

The conflict between the USA – China with the coronavirus as a spearhead is just one in the recent episodes of competition playing out between them which is escalating on the economic, military, and political level, provoking “seismic shocks” throughout the entire imperialist pyramid.

The coronavirus pandemic did not only act as a catalyst for the capitalist crisis,  signs of which already existed before the crisis, but also for imperialist competitions.

China, exploiting the pandemic, tried to extend its influence to the traditional allies, the USA and NATO, offering healthcare assistance, a fact that provoked intense reactions on the part of the USA, NATO, and also the EU.


The position of the KKE on the "East Med" Pipeline

The ruling right-wing party New Democracy, together with the "left" party SYRIZA, the Social Democratic Party KINAL/PASOK and the far-right party Hellenic Solution, aligning with the dirty plans of the USA - NATO - EU - Israel and having their eye on the "upgrade" of the bourgeoisie of Greece, voted on 15/05/20 in the Plenary Session of the Parliament the agreement for the gas pipeline "East Med" with concise procedures.

The agreement was submitted in the form of a bill by the Ministry of Environment and Energy entitled "Ratification of the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Republic of Cyprus, the State of Israel, the Hellenic Republic and the Italian Republic on a Pipeline System for the transport of natural gas from the Eastern Mediterranean to the European markets".


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