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19th Congress of KKE

Odigitis, Organ of the Central Council of KNE, International Edition February 2016

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The international editions of Odigitis are being published periodically, especially in light of important events for the international activity of KNE, under the responsibility of the International Relations Committee of the CC of KNE and the editorial board of Odigitis.



The communist youths demand the liberation of RocíoMartínez and Fidel Desiderio!

We the communist youths of the world make public our condemnation of the jailing of comrades Rocío Celeste Martínez Gregorio and Fidel DesiderioMartínez, militants of the Federation of Communist Youths who this past October 2nd were struck, detained and taken to jail for crimes they did not commit.

We demand of the government of the State of Oaxaca, headed by GabinoCuéMonteagudo, that it liberate Rocío and Fidel, since, there being no proof against them, their detention and imprisonment obeys exclusively political motives, therefore the detained communists are political prisoners of the State.


Antipopular measures with "yes" and with "no"

The following text it was the reality before 1st of July. Because, from this date the greek government proposed a new and worst memorandum (the 3rd memondarum) to the so called Institutions...
Let's find the ...differencies of the following text!

Statement of the Central Committee of the KKE on the results of the Parliamentary Elections on the 20th of September

1.       The CC salutes the members, friends and supporters of the party and KNE, its allies, all those who struggled and joined forces with it. The party received 5.6% of the vote and maintained its 15 MPs. These election results express the negative correlation of forces as a whole, the more general retreat of the labour-people’s movement in conditions of a deep capitalist economic crisis, the level of class struggle in our country and internationally.



1.The CC salutes the thousands of members, friends and supporters of the party and KNE, allies and voters who fought, mobilized and contributed to the strengthening of the KKE. The KKE saw a rise in its percentage (+1%), votes (61,000) and MPs (+3) in relation to its percentage, votes and MPs elected in the elections of June 2012. In these elections it had 15 MPs elected. The positive trend for rallying around the KKE, the recovery of lost votes and the winning of new ones has been confirmed.


A continuación aparece el Comunicado del Comité Central del KKE:

1. El Comité Central saluda a los miles de miembros, amigos y simpatizantes del Partido y de la KNE, los aliados y los votantes que lucharon, se movilizaron y contribuyeron al fortalecimiento del KKE. El KKE ha tenido un aumento de 1%, de 61.000 votos y eligió a 3 diputados más en relación con el resultado electoral, los votos y los diputados elegidos en junio de 2012, es decir tiene 15 diputados electos. Se ha confirmado la tendencia positiva de agrupación de fuerzas en torno al KKE, de recuperación de votos que se habían perdido y de conquista de nuevos votos.


11th Congress of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE)

“KNE – the pioneer youth of KKE, combatively marching on the way for a socialist tomorrow, without crises, wars or exploitation”

The 11th Congress of KNE is going to take place from the 18th until the 21th December 2014, in Athens. The slogan of the 11th Congress is “KNE – the pioneer youth of KKE, combatively marching on the way for a socialist tomorrow, without crises, wars or exploitation”.



Common Declaration of CYO’s on the new genocide of Israel against the Palestinian people

The Youth Organizations that sign the following announcement denounce firmly the military operations of the Israeli state against the Palestinian people that have already resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives.

The USA, but also the EU, who encourage the criminal activities of Israel by providing total support, equating the culprits with the victims, upgrading their political, financial and military relations with Israel with various ways, organizing common military drills with the Israeli armed forces, they have grave responsibilities for the continuing crime against the Palestinian people and its youth.


Declaración común de las JJ.CC para el nuevo genocidio de Israel contra el pueblo palestino

Las organizaciones juveniles que firmamos la siguiente declaración denunciamos firmemente las operaciones militares del Estado de Israel contra el pueblo palestino, que ya dan como resultado la pérdida de cientos de vidas.

Los EE.UU., así como la UE, que animan las actividades criminales de Israel mediante su apoyo total, haciendo equivaler a los culpables con las víctimas, mejorando las relaciones políticas, financieras y militares con Israel de varios modos, organizando ejercicios militares comunes con las fuerzas armadas de Israel, tienen una grave responsabilidad sobre el crimen continuado contra el pueblo palestino y su juventud.


Common Declaration of the CYO's of Europe in front of the EU parliament elections

The youth of Europe against EU, for a life with rights!

On the occasion of the elections for the European Parliament, we call all youngsters from all over Europe, deprived from their rights to work, education and life, to reinforce their struggle against the EU.


KNE 2011