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19th Congress of KKE

Common announcement of the CYO's on the developments in Ukraine

The developments in Ukraine are particularly crucial and dangerous, first of all for the people and the youth of the country, who are being transformed again into victims of the intense antagonisms between the USA-EU and Russia, for the control of markets, of natural resources and the transportation networks of the country.

The open intervention of the EU-USA-NATO, the utilization of fascist groups and organizations which are the descendants of the SS and spread fascist and Nazi venom and anticommunism, the planned persecutions and banning of political parties primarily against the communists, and the racist laws that are being prepared against the Russian-speaking population and other minorities, all demonstrate the character of the developments, and uncover the lies about the “triumph of democracy in Ukraine”.


Common Declaration on the Intervention of the EU in the Central African Republic

The Communist Youth Organizations signing the following declaration firmly condemn the military intervention of the EU that started with the deployment of French troops in the Central African Republic and is now climaxing after the approval of the Council of Foreign Affairs' Ministers of the EU and with the utilization of military EU bases and infrastructure situated in Greece.


The new intervention marks the continuation of the EU implication in military operations such as in Mali, and in the continuing imperialist threat against the Syrian people, the new imperialist plans for Libya.


Central political event for the 95th anniversary of the KKE in Athens

3-minute video...

We are inspired by the 95-year history of the KKE, we draw valuable lessons, we continue the struggle for socialism.

The political-cultural event was very successfully completed in the packed Stadium of Peace and Friendship to honour the 95th anniversary of the KKE, on Sunday the 8th of December 2013. Thousands of people filled the stands and the central space of the stadium in order to celebrate its 95th anniversary together with the KKE and to honour the struggles and sacrifices of the communists and people, responding to the KKE’s call to mobilization which was addressed by the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas.

“Lets finally dispense with the illusions, you are either with capital or with the workers” and “Capitalism is not the future, Socialism, the new world, is the future” were some of the slogans that were heard in the stadium, which had been dressed in red earlier that day in order to welcome the workers and the youth to the event of the Attica Party Organization of the KKE.

An important moment of the evening was the announcement that 60 Communist and Workers’ Parties from all over the world sent messages of greetings for the 95th anniversary of the KKE.


Mass mobilization of KNE against super-exploitation and badly paid work

The mobilization organized by the Attica Organization of KNE on Friday Afternoon (31/1) in the centre of Athens, in Omonia Sq. regarding the proposals of the government’s consultative body, the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE), for the super-exploitation of young people, was mass and dynamic.The abolition of the minimum wage was proposed by the KEPE for young people under the age of 29, for up to a year after their being hired as incentive for the businesses in the name of fighting against unemployment. The mobilization was also the first response to the Prime Minister’s announcements concerning 440,000 jobs via the programmes of super-exploitation and badly paid work.


People's Alliance – The people in power Socialism is necessary and timely

Interview with c. Aleka Papariga on the Theses of the 19th Congress of the Communist Party  of Greece in “Odigitis” 12/01/2013.


The publication of the Theses of the Central Committee concerning the 19Th Congress of our party launched a  period for the members of the party and KNE of creative work and discussion with people and youngsters that  it is going to last until the celebration of the Congress in 11-14 April 2013. The Congress of KKE is a tiptop event for our party, it concerns the working class as a whole and its allies as  well. All members of KNE and young people who advocate our party should study the published text with our  Theses and therefore, contribute to the pre-Congress procedure in a creative-way. “Odigitis” is going to contribute to this process which is launched with the interview of the general secretary,  comrade Aleka Papariga.



Alianza Popular – El pueblo en el poder Socialismo: necesario y actual

Entrevista con la c. Aleka Papariga, sobre las Tesis del 19ΊCongreso del Partido Comunista de Grecia en "Odigitis" 12/01/2013.

La publicacion de las Tesis del Comite Central sobre el 19ΊCongreso de nuestro Partido establecio un plazo  para los miembros del partido y de la KNE de trabajo creativo y discusion con la gente y los jovenes que va a durar hasta la celebracion del Congreso los dias 11-14 abril, 2013.


The 19th Congress of the KKE: April 11 - 14, 2013

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) is now advancing towards its 19th Congress, which according to the decision of the CC of the party will be held from the 11th to the 14th of April 2013. The Congress will approve the new Programme and Statutes of the CC, it will examine the CC’s report of work, it will determine the duties of the Party up until the 20th Congress and will elect the new leading bodies of the KKE.



Anuncio de la KNE sobre el masacre en Gaza

¡La Juventud Comunista de Grecia condena las operaciones de asesinato de Israel en la Franja de Gaza contra el pueblo palestino! Llama a la juventud a mobilizarse contra el nuevo masacre, a expresar su solidaridad con el pueblo de Palestina, a impedir toda participación de Grecia en las nuevas intervenciones y guerras imperialistas que se preparan en la región.

El nuevo masacre en Israel, con el apoyo de los EE.UU y de la UE, en Gaza que ya ha sufrido mucho, trae al escenario otra vez la cara horrible del capitalismo. Tras 7 días de bombardéos, el número de los muertos excede los 100 y los heridos los 900. Entre los muertos, hay 27 niños.


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