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19th Congress of KKE

Alianza Popular – El pueblo en el poder Socialismo: necesario y actual

Entrevista con la c. Aleka Papariga, sobre las Tesis del 19ΊCongreso del Partido Comunista de Grecia en "Odigitis" 12/01/2013.

La publicacion de las Tesis del Comite Central sobre el 19ΊCongreso de nuestro Partido establecio un plazo  para los miembros del partido y de la KNE de trabajo creativo y discusion con la gente y los jovenes que va a durar hasta la celebracion del Congreso los dias 11-14 abril, 2013.


The 19th Congress of the KKE: April 11 - 14, 2013

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) is now advancing towards its 19th Congress, which according to the decision of the CC of the party will be held from the 11th to the 14th of April 2013. The Congress will approve the new Programme and Statutes of the CC, it will examine the CC’s report of work, it will determine the duties of the Party up until the 20th Congress and will elect the new leading bodies of the KKE.



Anuncio de la KNE sobre el masacre en Gaza

¡La Juventud Comunista de Grecia condena las operaciones de asesinato de Israel en la Franja de Gaza contra el pueblo palestino! Llama a la juventud a mobilizarse contra el nuevo masacre, a expresar su solidaridad con el pueblo de Palestina, a impedir toda participación de Grecia en las nuevas intervenciones y guerras imperialistas que se preparan en la región.

El nuevo masacre en Israel, con el apoyo de los EE.UU y de la UE, en Gaza que ya ha sufrido mucho, trae al escenario otra vez la cara horrible del capitalismo. Tras 7 días de bombardéos, el número de los muertos excede los 100 y los heridos los 900. Entre los muertos, hay 27 niños.


Statement of KNE on the massacre in Gaza

The Communist Youth of Greece – KNE strongly condemns the murderous operations of Israel in Gaza Strip against the Palestinian people! We call upon the youth to mobilize against the new massacre, to express our solidarity to the people of Palestine, to prevent the participation of Greece with any means in the new imperialist interventions and wars that are being planned in the region!

The new massacre of the Israelis, with the support of the USA and the EU, in the suffering Gaza Strip, brings to the forefront the hideous face of capitalism. After 7 days of bombardments, the number of murdered people are over 100, while the wounded are more than 900. Amongst the dead are 27 children.


Resolution of the CC of the KKE- Conclusions from the elections on 6th May 2012 and 17th June 2012

The CC of the KKE met on 9th July 2012 to discuss the conclusions from the elections and the immediate tasks of the party. The CC tookinto account the discussion which had preceded in the organs and Party Base Organizations (PBOs), in the meetings with friends and supporters of the Party, the observations, suggestions and proposals, as well as the conclusions from the organs and base organizations of KNE. The conclusions of the CC will be tabled for discussion and approval by the PBOs and the organizations of KNE. The discussion in the party and KNE, as well as with friends and supporters, demonstrated that despite the losses and the negative correlation of forces, there exists stubbornness and determination regarding the intervention in the movement and the developments, the complex demands and needs of the people which are increasing, the strengthening of the organizations of the party and KNE. The CC is publishing the following assessments.



Article of Giorgos Marinos

member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the KKE



The KKE extends its warm thanks to the Communist Parties, communist men and women, as well as to a large number of other militants from all over the world who expressed their sincere solidarity with and support for our party, because they appreciated the tough class battles which it had waged over a long period of time, before and during the capitalist crisis.


Our party will continue to be worthy of their confidence and will escalate the struggle for the interests of the working class, the popular strata, for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity, for socialism. Because the goal for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, the founding principle of the communist parties, demands it.


Decision of the CC of the KKE: First Assessment of the election result of 17th June 2012

The CC of the KKE met on 18th June 2012 and discussed the first assessment of the results of the elections on the 17th of June as well as the developments after the elections. The position of the CC will be discussed in the Party Base Organisations, the organizations of KNE, in meetings with supporters, friends and people who work alongside the party in order to gather opinions and suggestions. The CC will conclude its assessment after gathering the views, the suggestions, the observations regarding both elections (May-June) which will also set the immediate tasks of the party.


Between two tough battles


Article of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE

Greece continues to attract the attention of workers of many countries all over the world, in light of the new crucially important parliamentary elections, which will be held on the 17th of June, as none of the three parties, which received the most votes, could form a coalition government. Of particular interest, judging by the relevant articles in communist and other progressive newspapers, journals and web-pages are the recent election results as well as the political line traced by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), which has found itself in the firing line of various analysts in this period. But let us start from the beginning.



A “Left government” is a “leaking lifeboat” for the people who are suffering

The head of Syriza, A. Tsipras, who received on the 8th of May the exploratory mandate from the President of the Republic to form a government and began contacts with the heads of the parties, is resorting to tactical shenanigans and headline grabbing stunts.


The head of Syriza contacted the GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, by telephone and asked for a meeting in the framework of his contacts with the party leaders regarding the formation of a government. Aleka Papariga answered that there is no subject for discussion for such a meeting.


NIKOS BELOGIANNIS: He will always live in our heart and consciousness

It is reasonable that the impressive 93 year history of the KKE, a party which has remained unbowed for almost a century, which has been consistently and unwaveringly at the side of the people even if it had to pay for its stance with the lives and the blood of its members and cadre, provokes the interest of every well-intentioned person. From this standpoint the dissemination of the

history of the KKE, especially in today’s difficult conditions which the country is experiencing contributes to the raising of genuine patriotism and proletarian internationalism.

60 years have passed since the murder of Nikos Belogiannis and his comrades on 30th March 1952. The daily newspaper “Rizospastis”, organ of the CC of the KKE, has dedicated several pages to this anniversary.


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