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19th Congress of KKE

NIKOS BELOGIANNIS: He will always live in our heart and consciousness

It is reasonable that the impressive 93 year history of the KKE, a party which has remained unbowed for almost a century, which has been consistently and unwaveringly at the side of the people even if it had to pay for its stance with the lives and the blood of its members and cadre, provokes the interest of every well-intentioned person. From this standpoint the dissemination of the

history of the KKE, especially in today’s difficult conditions which the country is experiencing contributes to the raising of genuine patriotism and proletarian internationalism.

60 years have passed since the murder of Nikos Belogiannis and his comrades on 30th March 1952. The daily newspaper “Rizospastis”, organ of the CC of the KKE, has dedicated several pages to this anniversary.


Speech of Thodoris Chionis, secretary of CC of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), at the event of international solidarity on 10th of November for the representatives who participated at the 13th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties.


On behalf of the Central Council of the Communist Youth of Greece we warmly welcome the representatives of 76 communist and workers parties from 58 countries. Our meeting today is dedicated to all you who have travelled from all the regions of the world.

The 13th International Meeting of the communist and workers parties is an important political event and acquires particular importance in the conditions which it is being held.


Discurso del Secretario del Consejo Central de la KNE, Thodoris Chionis, en el evento de solidaridad internacional en honor de las delegaciones hermanas


En nombre del Consejo Central de la Juventud Comunista de Grecia (KNE) les damos la bienvenida cordialmente a los representantes de 78 partidos comunistas y obreros de 59 países. El evento de hoy está dedicado a todos ustedes que han viajado de todas partes del mundo.

El 13º Encuentro Internacional de Partidos Comunistas y Obreros es un acontecimiento político importante y adquiere importancia particular en las condiciones en que se celebra.


KNE 2011