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19th Congress of KKE

Solidarity resolution to the greek youth and KNE

The Youth Organizations who sign the present text, we express our solidarity with the struggle of the youth in Greece, for its' rights to education, to work, to life. With Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), which is in the front line of that struggle.

The new anti - popular measures, as well as the new agreement -3 rd memorandum- that the coalition government of SYRIZA- ANEL signed with the troika (EU, ECB, IMF) will be added to all the previous ones, to crash even more the rights of the youngsters to work, social insurance, education.


It is proven that capitalism has nothing more to give to the youth, apart from poverty, unemployment, class barriers. It is proven that the EU can be worse, but it cannot be better. We unite our voice with the struggle of the youth in Greece. In order to stop fear and disappointment.

For the abrogation of all memoranda and anti - popular measures, for the recovery of the losses of the workers and the youth, for the really hopeful future for the youngsters, in conflict with EU and the capital.


1. Communist Youth "Qemal Stafa" Albania
2. Youth of the Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism
3. Communist Youth of Austria 
4. Communist Youth of Bolivia 
5. Union of Communist Youth (Brazil) 
6. Young Communist League (Britain) 
7. United Democratic Youth Organization (Cyprus) 
8. Communist Youth Union (Czech Republic) 
9. Young Communists of Denmark 
10. Communist Youth of Ecuador
11. Young Communist League of Georgia
12. Socialist German Workers Youth
13. Worker's Party Youth (Ireland)
14. Front of Communist Youth (Italia) 
15. Communist Youth of Luxembourg 
16. Federation of Communist Youth (Mexico) 
17. Communist Youth of Netherlands 
18. Communist Youth of Pakistan 
19. Communist Youth of Peru 
20. Portuguese Communist Youth 
21. Revolutionary Communist Youth League (bolsheviks)
22. Leninist Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation
23. Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (Serbia) 
24. Collectives of Young Communists (Spain) 
25. Union of Communist Youth of Spain 
26. Socialist Youth Union of Sri Lanka
27. Syrian Communist Youth Union – Khalid Bakdash 
28. Revolutionary Communist Youth (Sweden) 
29. Communist Youth (Turkey) 
30. Communist Youth of Venezuela

KNE 2011