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19th Congress of KKE

Solidarity resolution by youth organizations for the Strike of PAME (12th November 2015)

Dozens of Youth Organizations that participated in the 19th General Assembly of WFDY in Havana, Cuba, along with other youth organisations, signed the following solidarity message that was addressed towards the General Strike and the Strike demonstrations of the Class oriented trade union movement, PAME that took place in the 12th of November.



Brothers and sisters strikers in Greece,

We, the representatives of the Youth Organizations that gathered on 9-12 of November in Havana Cuba for the 19th Meeting of World Federation of Democratic Youth we send you militant greetings! Especially, we express our internationalist solidarity to the working youth of Greece and also to all the striking workers that participate to the National General strike of the 12th of November in dozens of cities in your country, after the calling of the class oriented trade union movement (PAME).

We stand next to your fight against the barbaric measures that the current government of SYRIZA-ANEL, just like the previous governments, is voting with the new (3rd) memorandum that was signed with the EU-ECB-IMF and that burdens the greek people. Measures that blow the right to social security, healthcare, stable jobs with rights, free education and they are combined with the barbaric measures of the previous years. We watch with interest and we greet the latest militant mobilizations, those of the young workers, the school-students’ mobilizations, the student rallies in dozens of cities of Greece. We unite our voice with your mobilizations for the rights of the refugees and against the participation of your country in the imperialist wars in your region, against the participation of your country in NATO and the EU.

We stand next to any young unemployed, employed, school-student, student in Greece that struggles to open the true hopeful future against the EU, the monopolies and the system.

Always until the victory! (Hasta la victoria siempre!)


Communist Youth of Albania – Qemal Stafa

Young Communists of the Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)

Federation of Communist Youth, Argentina (FEDE Argentina)

Communist Youth of Austria (KJO)

Communist Youth Avancado, Brazil

Union of Socialist Youth, Brazil (UJS Brazil)

Young Communist Union, Brazil (UJC Brazil)

Young Communist League of Britain (YCL Britain)

Young Communist League of Canada (YCL – LJC Canada)

Colombian Communist Youth (JUCO)

Communist Youth Union, Czech Republic (KSM)

Young Communists of Denmark (Ungkommunisterne Denmark)

Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ)

All-India Youth Federation (AIYF)

Youth of Workers’ Party of Ireland (WP Youth, Ireland)

Front of Communist Youth, Italy (FGC)

Japan League of Socialist Youth (JLSY)

Jordanian Democratic Youth Union (JDYU)

Federation of Communist Youth, Mexico (FJC Mexico)

Popular Socialist Youth of Mexico

Union of Young Communists, Moldova (UYC Moldova)

Communist Youth Movement, Netherlands (CJB)

Youth Federation of Nepal

Democratic Students Federation of Pakistan (DSF)

General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS)

Youth of Palestine Peoples’ Party (Youth of PPP)

Communist Youth of Peru – Red Country (JC Peru - Patria Roja)

Communist Youth of Peru (JC Peru)

Youth of Socialist Front of Puerto Rico (FS Puerto Rico)

Russian Young Communist League (Bolsheviks), Russia (RKSM [b])

Young Communist League of Yugoslavia, Serbia (SKOJ)

Collectives of Communist Youth, Spain (CJC Spain)

Communist Youth of Catalunya (JCC)

Communist Youth Union of Spain (UJCE)

Socialist Youth Union, Sri Lanka (SYU Sri Lanka)

Syrian Communist Youth Union – Khalid Bakdash Youth (SCYU-KBY)

National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS)

Communist Youth, Turkey (CY, Turkey)

Leninist Communist Society of Youth of Ukraine (LCSY Ukraine)

Young Communist Union of Uruguay (UJC Uruguay)

Communist Youth of Venezuela (JC Venezuela)

Youth of POLISARIO, W. Sahara



Solidarity Message also sent by EDON (Cyprus)

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