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19th Congress of KKE

Joint Appeal of Communist Youth Organizations for the Refugee Issue

On the framework of the Two – Days Internationalist Events, organized by the CC of KNE in Thessaloniki, KNE along with the 5 invited CYOs, the Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ), the Collectives of Young Communists from Spain (CJC), Front of Communist Youth from Italy (FGC), the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia from Serbia (SKOJ) and the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG), signed a Joint Appeal concerning the Refugee Issue (PDF).




Joint Appeal:

Solidarity to the refugees. Let´s strengthen our struggle against imperialist wars and capitalism, that gives rise to crises, wars, refugees

The Communist Youth Organizations express our solidarity to the victims of the imperialist wars, the more than 65 million of refugees all over the world, among which, more than 30 million are children.

We denounce the peoples´ murderers, NATO, European Union and all the forces that, in favor of their monopolies and for the control of energy reserves, the ways of transportation of energy and commodities and the control of the markets, carry out imperialist interventions and wars. The EU governments have big responsibilities because with their resolutions, they clearly violate the international law, and have trapped millions of refugees, mainly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, in Turkey, Greece and other countries in which the refugees remain, against their will. They treat the refugees as a very cheap labour force within the framework of the general attack against the workers´rights,  they permit or limit the refugee flows in accordance with the needs of the capitalist economy.

We struggle even more vigorously for the relief, the release and secure transportation of refugees to their destinations, for human conditions of temporary hosting. We isolate the fascist and racist forces in every country, that point out the refugees (the victims) and acquit the capitalist system (the victimizer) by which  they are brought up.

We reveal to the youth the causes that give rise to massive immigration and refugees. We are at the frontline of the expression of genuine popular solidarity, of the joint struggle of the peoples independently from national origin, race, language, religion.

We fight for workers´unity in our countries, to organize  resistance and counterattack against the antipopular policy, for the rejection of any kind of division of the working class on the basis of national  origin, language, race, religion. Unity among workers, local and immigrants, is the necessary  precondition to stop the strategy of the capital that uses conflicts between them in order to increase the exploitation of all workers, to safeguard their capitalist profit.

Towards the 1st of May, 2017, we discuss massively with the youth in our countries about the imperialist war and confirm the actual character of the slogan of the Manifest of the Communist Party, “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”

We shout:  Solidarity to the refugees. Our enemy is capitalism that gives rise to crises, wars, refugees! We struggle for its overthrow! For the workers to be able to live in peace and be masters of their place, eradicating the causes that today force them to massive immigration.

We honor the 100 anniversary of the  Great Socialist October Revolution, we project its messages and strengthen the struggle for the only real alternative in capitalist barbarity, socialism.


April 8th, 2017


The 6 CYOs addressed to Communist Youth Organizations from all over the world in order for them to sign it. There are many CYOs that have signed it until this moment, with the Syrian Communist Youth Union – Khaled Bagdash Youth among them. The list is still open for new signatures.

KNE 2011