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19th Congress of KKE


No to the imperialist war in Ukraine! Hands off the communists!

KNE denounces the arrest of the First Secretary of the Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine, Mikhail Kononovich and his brother Aleksander, by the anti-people’s regime in Ukraine, and expresses serious concern about the allegations that the lives of the two communists are in danger.

In its statement, the Press Office of the CC of the KNE points out:

We demand their immediate release!

We unite our voices with the millions of young people in more than 100 countries throughout the world, rallying around the member-organizations of the World Federation of Democratic Youth that fight against imperialist war and express their solidarity with the two Ukrainian communists, the members and friends of the Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine and the Communist Party of Ukraine.


Anti-communism, which always goes hand in hand with the anti-people’s plans of capital, is sharpened under conditions of imperialist war, aiming at manipulating the people and the youth, and aligning them behind the interests of the bourgeoisies. It is no coincidence that the imperialist war in Ukraine was accompanied by an expression of anti-communism from both opposing camps, with the aim – among other things – of erasing the collective memory of the two peoples, the Ukrainian and the Russian, who lived peacefully for decades in the framework of the USSR.

An unacceptable anti-communist legislative framework is applied in Ukraine, which unhistorically and provocatively equates communism with fascism and bans communist symbols, while the Communist Party of Ukraine is outlawed since 2015. Under conditions of imperialist war, the reactionary regime of Ukraine exploits and intensifies anti-communism, which is its official policy; they persecute communists and other militants, under the pretext of unsubstantiated allegations of espionage, seeking to silence any voice opposing war, fighting for peace and the friendship of the peoples.

At the same time, the bourgeoisie in Ukraine (and other countries) doesn’t hesitate to support even Hitler’s apologists to promote its interests and serve its competitions, always to the detriment of the peoples. Today, fascist and neo-Nazi groups operate as part of the Ukrainian army, such as the infamous “Azov Battalion”. These are the same forces that were used in the events of 2014, during the US-NATO-EU imperialist intervention in Ukraine, and in the coup to overthrow the then government.

The communists in Greece express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people who is a victim of the imperialist war. We reaffirm: Hands off the communists! Release them now!”.

KNE 2011