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19th Congress of KKE

10th meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations in Madrid

In 15 and 16 of February in Madrid, the 10th meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations will take place, with a significant participation of organizations, among them KNE, with the subject: “Capitalistic crisis, the struggle of the youth and the role of the Communist Youth Organizations”. The meeting is hosted by the organization of Collectives of Young Communists of Spain (CJC), the youth of the Communist Party of Peoples of Spain.

The representative CYO of Europe will discuss the character of the crisis, the antipopular policy that is united applied within the EU and its consequences for the youth. They will present the experience of the struggle of the previous period, their aspect about the role and the duties of the CYO.


Also, an international seminar will be executed with the subject: “Communist Youth’s Press, a powerful weapon in our struggle”, having as a target the exchange of experience about the necessity of the existence, spreading and improvement of the youth communist press.

The meetings of  European CYO after about ten years of constant conduct, are a very important conquest, in the effort of exchanging experience between the European CYO and the formation of a common perception and action of the young communists about crucial issues.

KNE 2011