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19th Congress of KKE

Mass and militant youth demonstration of KNE in Athens, against the legalization of drugs


Hundreds of members of KNE and friends of the organization took part in the demonstration, 2/2, in the centre of Athens against the draft law of the three-party government (social-democrats-conservatives-nationalists) which legalizes the use, trafficking and supply of drugs.

Speaking at the rally, Giorgos Sideris, member of the Bureau of the CC of KNE, spoke about the issue of drugs in its entirety, revealing the lies and rottenness of the ideological constructs which accompany the “Drug Code”. As he stressed:

“Under the pressure of the communists and the condemnation of the people, the Minister of Justice in his statement today has left open the possibility of the draft law being withdrawn. We are not complacent, we will not stop, we are in a state of vigilance, we will continue more dynamically (…)


They know that they would face the fierce opposition of the working people. They would always find themselves faced by a wall of people from the popular strata who do not want the future of their children to be a drug-fuelled haze. Why they are bringing it now? It is very clear. They want the consciousness of the youth drugged so that they do not have demands, struggle or protest. (…)

Drugs are not a free choice, or right. It is a despotic choice, it is the abolition of every right (…)

“PASOK, together with the opportunists of various shades but especially SYN/SYRIZA as well as Kouvelis’ party(“Democratic Left”), are taking on the burden of promoting and passing this draft law, and the attack against our party. They reproduce the rotten ideological construct of the right to “self-harm”. What are they saying to us? That those who are depriving us of the right to work, education, healthcare, culture, sports are concerned over the “right” for us to harm ourselves. This draft law is an opportunity for conclusions to be drawn. The parties of capital conceal the root of the drug problem. They operate in the line of management and not dealing with the problem, because they serve a system which reproduces the problem of drugs.

The KKE is opposed both to the policies of repression which are represented by parties such as LAOS or fascist forces such as Chrysi Avgi (“Golden Dawn”) and treat users as “scum”, and the so-called “progressive” policies of the legalization and liberalization of drug use, which are represented by forces such as SYN/SYRIZA and various alleged “anti-authoritarians”. On the issue of drugs two basic lines and logics are again coming into conflict. The one of compromise and management and the other of the radical treatment of the problem. The KKE and its youth, KNE, are the only who say NO to all drugs”, concluded the member of the Bureau of the CC.

Rallies of KNE on the issue of drugs also took place in Thessalonica and other major Greek cities.


KNE 2011