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Striking Steelworkers-Unbowed, have entered the 6th month of their magnificent strike-International solidarity is a valuable support for them

..see the  video about the steelworkers strike

A large crowd of people took part in a rally-solidarity concert last Sunday and gave new impetus and militant strength to the striking steelworkers, who have been conducting their heroic strike for 157 days, almost 6 months of struggle. At this event PAME handed over to the union’s administration the third instalment of the financial support which it has collected. At the same time, the moving wave of international class solidarity continues undiminished with financial and other assistance organized by the class oriented-militant forces from all over the world.

The solidarity message resounded with songs and the factory gate was once again flooded by working people, youth, women, and pensioners. They stood by the steelworkers, making it clear once again that “your struggle is our struggle”. And this solidarity was expresses by a series of artists and bands who proclaimed their solidarity in their own special way…

Giorgos Sifonios, President of the trade union, in his welcome speech at the concert, stressed “We are proud that we are still holding out. We are already winners, because the heroic struggle we are waging has become a beacon globally. We will be here for as long as necessary, we will fight to the end and you can be sure that we will be victorious”.

The government mocks the steelworkers’ struggle. At the same time it has showered privileges on the employers of “Greek Steelworks” and facilitated the creation of a private port. This is all very revealing. The steelworkers’ union responded to the alleged commitments of the government for a “governmental conference regarding the Steelworks” and made it clear that by the end of the week they will be faced with mass demonstrations.

Early on Monday morning, the few well-known lackeys of the employers and aspiring strike-breakers appeared at the gate and were once again provocative. They wanted to enter the factory along with the factory’s managers in order to … work. The picketliners responded to their strike-breaking manoeuvres decisively. The employers’ stooges withdraw without achieving anything.

It is more necessary than ever for the solidarity with the striking steelworkers to be reinforced with every form of assistance and solidarity.

International Section of the CC of KKE



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