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19th Congress of KKE

Statement of the GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, on the French Presidential Elections


The French elections, their results in the first round and what is being prepared for the second round are an important lesson and confirm the reasons why the KKE refuses to participate in the front of the so-called anti-memorandum forces and the so-called left forces. When a communist party, when a labour movement assimilates the protests of the popular masses into a left alliance which accepts the negotiation exclusively within the European Union and the social dialogue with the monopolies, then there can only be one outcome which is what we can now witness in relation to the second round in France: For the people to be led in turn to vote either for the liberal party or for social-democracy and for radicalism to be undermined and blunted and for conservatism to spread.



It brings to mind the second round of the French elections, when everyone voted for Chirac so that Le Pen would not be strengthened. Today they are being called on by the French left, as it is called, to vote for Hollande so that Sarkozy will not be president. With this line of reasoning the movement will always be defeated and especially in a crisis period when the labour and people’s movement must surge forwards.


KNE 2011