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19th Congress of KKE

On the results of the student elections 2012

The communists strengthened their position amongst the students. On May 16ththe student union elections were held in order to elect the representatives to their unions. In these elections, which were held just a few days after the early parliamentary elections on the 6th of May and before the new parliamentary elections of the 17th of May, the lists of Panspoudastiki KS, which is supported by the Communist Youth of Greece, were strengthened even further.

The following points are noted in the statement of the Executive Secretariat of the Students’ Front of Struggle (MAS), in which student unions and struggle committees participate :




On the results of the student elections 2012




The Executive Secretariat of the Students’ Front of Struggle (MAS) salutes the thousands of students who supported the militant lists ofPanspoudastiki KS (the list supported by KNE) with their votes.

Panspoudastiki KS recorded, in the vast majority of student unions, a large increase in the Technical Institutes, reaching over 16% (+3.3%), and a hopeful increase in the universities, reaching over 14.2% (+0.6%). In dozens of student unions the lists ofPanspoudastiki KS came first and in even more student unions as well as in cities and universities (e.g. the University of Patras) they achieved second place for the first time.


No complacency- We must not waste any time


It is still necessary for the student assemblies and the struggle committees to become the core of the militant regroupment of the student movement.

The fellow-students who abstained as well as those who voted for PASP (list of PASOK) and DAP (list of ND) again must take stock. Abstention and toleration are convenient for the system, regardless of individual intentions.

Easy solutions from above, with whatever management formula, with new or old political formations, in favour of the people and their children do not exist, and will never exist. Whatever government, whatever political formation emerges in the following period, they will not provide solutions for the people.

For this reason the people and their children must turn their backs on the extortion and the illusions.

The only way for us is a radical change in the correlation of forces from below, which means: Activity alongside MAS and the struggle committees in every faculty, change, the strengthening of the struggle and organization, alliance with the labour and people’s movement.

The students who supported Panspoudastiki KS were those who during the entire previous period were rallied by MAS, struggled alongside the class-oriented forces in the labour and people’s movement, even on the day of the elections were collecting money to support the struggle of the steelworkers and will continue to stand by this heroic struggle with all their strength. They fought against the anti-people political line that impoverished and impoverishes the popular strata, they impeded the implementation of the law on tertiary education, the cuts in the rights to accommodation and meals. They will make more dynamic progress in the organization and intensification of the struggle against the forces of capital and its political representatives. They will take a stronger stand against the attempts to liquidate the student movement, seeking its organization for a militant regroupment.

In the crucial battles to come regarding education, work, our future and lives, we will be the protagonists, in the front line of the struggle for the science needed by our people and their children who are students.


All the results can be found on the website of the Students’ Front of Struggle (


KNE 2011