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19th Congress of KKE

Statement of the Press Office of the CC of the KKE regarding the formation of the ND-PASOK-Democratic Left government

The new coalition government of ND-PASOK and the Democratic Left is not going to bring any relief to the popular strata which are suffering from the consequences of the capitalist crisis.

What the coalition government is presenting as a renegotiation of the unfavourable terms of the memoranda and the loan agreement is in fact a necessary readjustment imposed by the deepening of the crisis in Greece and the economically strongest countries in the Eurozone.This readjustment will be determined by the sharpening contradictions and the temporary agreements between the leading powers of the EU in relation to the way the crisis will be managed. Whatever their outcome is they will not put a brake on or cancel the bankruptcy and impoverishment of the people.


The participation of a “left” party in the coalition government is not going to bring any positive results for the people. The plutocracy is seeking to buy time and the toleration of the people via the participation of the Democratic Left in the government.


The workers and the popular strata are faced by severe tribulations and new serious dangers. There is no time to be wasted and no time for a stance of “wait and see”. The bourgeois class, the EU and their parties will attempt to exploit election results that were negative for the people so that defeatism and fatalism prevail.


The KKE in Parliament will table draft laws and amendments regarding the critical problems of the people. Amongst the first of these will be the abolition of the memorandum, the Loan Agreement and all the related laws which were passed by the previous Parliament.


The KKE will struggle with all its forces in the Parliament and amongst the people in order to organize the intervention, struggle and counterattack of the working class and popular strata for the protection of the unemployed and the popular families, to safeguard the provision of medicines, the functioning of the hospitals, to block the savage taxation, and the new massacre of salaries and pensions. To protect the households in debt and to ensure the functioning of education, which is seriously under-funded. For public works which serve the people and create jobs. So that the people have faith in their strength, so that they stand up to their exploiters, impede them and overthrow them.


KNE 2011