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19th Congress of KKE

Organization and struggle of the students in every faculty and year-group

The 5th Nationwide Meeting of the Students’ Front of Struggle (MAS) was successfully held in Piraeus on Sunday 1/12. 500 representatives from 28 student unions, 240 struggle committees, dozens of year committees and elected members of student union committeesfrom all over Greece participated in it.

Students conveyed the rich activity of the previous period and the rich experience from the struggles carried out and set the tasks for the next period so that the militant response should correspond to the offensive unleashed by the government-EU-plutocracy against the studies and also against the future of the students.

Giorgos Skiadiotis, member of the Executive Secretariat of the All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME), addressed a message of greetings to the meeting, underlining the need for there to be more decisive steps in the next period regarding the struggle over immediate issues. Giorgos Skiadiotis stressed that the student movement can not develop without the parents, workers and labour and trade union movement.

KNE 2011