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19th Congress of KKE

Excerpts from the article in “Odigitis” (organ of CC of KNE) about the students in vocational schools and the elections in May

The students in Vocational schools strengthen their voice, strengthen the Communist Party everywhere!


The students in the Vocational schools, the workers’ , the people’s children, all of us who are going  to produce the wealth in the workplaces, who will make everything with our own mind and hands… the only thing that is for our own sake, is to strengthen KKE with our struggles and our votes!

Our interests are opposing to those of industrialists, ship owners, bankers! We cannot support the same parties!

No matter how many names change, no matter how many co-operations are held, all the parties that support the EU , the bosses, capitalism, are parties that are going to fight the people in order to protect our exploiters’ profits.

Our dreams and needs for education, work, life with rights don’t match this system, capitalism, a system that wants all of us to be slaves, to work only for a pittance!


Let’s strengthen KKE, the only party that proposes that we, the people, play the main role, that our needs are the most important!


In the 21st century, when science and technology are developing, there are the potentials for us to get a thorough education, to become good craftsmen, and all of us to find a job with rights.

In order the people and youth to live according to the contemporary capabilities of production and technology, it is a precondition that we break the chains of EU and the monopolies that bound us. This is the only direction in which there is a popular solution, only in this way can the people be in charge of the wealth they produce and ensure the life and the future of the youth.

All the students in vocational schools should take advantage of the chance we are given of the elections in May, and convict with our vote all those who destroy our dreams for the future!


It is the policy of the EU and the governments of all these years that are responsible for the overwhelming situation in vocational education. They are responsible for:

  • The dozens of lost teaching hours

  • Specialties that are abolished

  • Teaching the lessons using photocopies and not books… in obsolete workshops without the necessary infrastructures and facilities

    The Communist Party’s estimations were confirmed. From the beginning they uncovered the truth, called the students to alarm, organized the struggle!

Only the Communist Party’s Proposal give real upgrading of vocational education in favor of the people, only this proposal is against the EU and their policy that serves the monopolies’ interests.

KKE doesn’t believe that there are useless students, children that don’t need overall education! KKE struggles for the people to build their own society, where schools and universities will function according to the people’s needs, where they will arm every young in order to take his life creatively into his own hands. In that society, every young will get all the necessary, basic knowledge through a public 12-year compulsory schooling, which will be uniform for everyone. In that society, young people that will attend vocational education after school will not be a cheap disposable labor force. They will obtain an overall knowledge on their field, and when they finish their education they will fulfill their own irreplaceable task for the progress of the society. Only this way will every young, no matter what path they follow, have ensured his job and a life with rights!

KNE 2011