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19th Congress of KKE

KNE Student’s Festival

Over 80 different Student’s Festival Manifestations are going to open their gates during the first fortnight of April all over Greece, and the preparations by the students, members and friends of the Communist Youth, are being made in a fast pace!! The students have built the festival’s programme, based on the central slogan “EU vs Youth - Break the chains!!!!!” – with collective work, will and imagination, chοsing unconventional ways and multiform activities in order to highlight the reality they live themselves as well as their families - the consequences of EU’s policy in their lives, to show that the overthrow of this system is the way out, today more up-to-date than ever.   

Lively and with plenty of imagination, continuing last year’s efforts, the preparation has began…

For one more year the Communist Youth’s Students Festivals give the students the chance to express themselves creatively, to exchange ideas, to unite their voices with those of their classmates, who face the same problems and have the same dreams about the future. Just like last year the member and friends of KNE began to prepare and propagate the festival manifestations in and outside their schools from the first moment. Not only the enthusiasm but also the need of the student to express their concerns and develop their creativity, their need for entertainment was obvious.

In every school, every neighborhood there was a conversation about this, and there was a real brainstorming of ideas… School bands, little theatrical plays, sports activities, conversations on various issues, videos and interviews of students, short movies, projects graffiti and drawing competitions, photography exhibitions and lots more… students are organized in working teams, and every team has to go through a certain project. Not only during March, but the first days of April as well, until the last moment, the students’ teams were working hard to finish their project. So great was their enthusiasm that they didn’t mind the time they had to spend or the fatigue, they didn’t stop in front of the difficulties and obstacles.

KNE 2011