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19th Congress of KKE

The lists of “Panspoudastiki” in the second position of the university students’ elections.

A big increase of votes for the lists supported by the Communist Youth was noted at the elections held on Wednesday 7th May in universities and Technological Educational Institutions all over the country, bringing it to the second position.

This positive result can further reinforce the effort made during the past period by the members and friends of the Communist Youth, who, along with other fighters, students from labor and popular strata, are organizing the struggle through the Students’ Fighting Front (MAS), the anti-monopoly pole formed in higher education.

In more detail:

In the elections in 191 university students’ associations and in 66 Technological Educational Institutes’ associations of the country, Panspoudanstiki came to the second position . Its percentages rose to 19% and 22% respectively, and it rose to the fist position in 36 Institutions.

This is the only force whose percentages rose in these circumstances, in the institutions. On the contrary, the other forces’ vote percentages fell. The forces of the anti-popular government of ND – PASOK lost thousands of votes. The forces of SYRIZA also faced a reduction of their percentages, that continue to rate at 2% in TEIs and 6% in Universities, as well as other opportunist forces of the political party “ANTARSYA” (trotskyist, parts of the “new left” etc) that function as a component of SYRIZA inside the universities.

Of course all the above were silenced by the Greek Media. It seems however that, there are students that are, today more than before, able to make conclusions about their role and attitude.

A message of optimism in order to strengthen our struggle

In an announcement about the results of the universities’ elections, the Press Office of the Central Council of the Communist Youth notes among other: “We want to greet all the students that supported and participated to the lists of Panspoudastiki, that contributed on the side of the Communist Youth’s members to form a very positive result of these elections.” and adds “The rise of the percentages of Panspoudastiki is an optimistic message to strengthen the common, collective action and struggle for scientific education and specialization, for free higher education, for our degree to be the only precondition for a permanent and stable job with working rights and only on the subject one has studied, for a uniform higher education that will be public and free for everyone, for science to serve the popular needs…

We want in every university, among every year’s and semester’s students, everyday action to be strengthened. We want the students to participate in lively, fighting unions and associations that resist the government’s and the EU’s anti-popular policy. We want to generalize the discussion inside the institutions, about what is the students’ movement we need today…”

Statement of Thodoris Chionis, Secretary of the Central Council of the Communist Youth

The Secretary of the CC of the Communist Youth, Thodoris Chionis made a statement on the results of the students’ elections, and talking about the next day, noted among other: “Not a single hour can be lost. It is essential that we send an even more decisive message, that our dreams and needs can’t be put between the clashing stones of this system and the EU. We call all the students in universities and TEIs to choose the way of overthrow and disengagement from the EU. We call them to strengthen the force that fights unswervingly for our contemporary rights and the only pro-people solution. We should strengthen KKE everywhere, in all the forthcoming election fights".




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