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19th Congress of KKE

The People need a strong KKE

After the local and regional elections, in which the KKE received about 500,000 votes and 9% and in light of the impending elections for the EU parliament next Sunday 25/5, the CC of the KKE issued a call to the working class and other popular strata of the country and stressed that:

The positive trend recorded in the 1st round must be confirmed next Sunday, through the strengthening the lists of the KKE in the EU parliamentary elections and “People’s Rally” wherever it participates in the 2nd round.

At the EU parliamentary elections we must take a step in order to strengthen the resistance to the anti-people measures and the permanent memoranda imposed by the EU.

We must take a step towards the emancipation from the blackmail and the false promises of the parties that support the EU.

The strengthening of the KKE is an urgent necessity and a prerequisite in order to pave the way for the overturning of the anti-people political line, irrespective of which government implements it.

Once again ND-PASOK are investing in fear and blackmail, claiming that if the people vote against this parties the country will face uncertain hazards. They want to trap the people in the current path that will continue the bankruptcy of the people in the next period.

The SYRIZA’s differences with ND do not constitute any real opposition to the anti-people political line. Its obeisance to the EU one way street means the acceptance of the EU commitments,   submission to the goal of competitiveness.

Late in the evening of the 18th of May, the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, stressed the following in relation to the 1st round of the Municipal and Regional elections:

“To begin with, we would like to thank all those men and women who responded to the call of the KKE, joined forces with it, voted for the lists of People’s Rally which were supported by the KKE all over the country in the municipalities and regions.

We call on all these people to join the battle with even more confidence and determination this week in every home, workplace and neighbourhood, in order to strengthen the KKE even further next Sunday in the EU parliamentary elections.

We are aware that our responsibilities have increased. We must contribute more decisively to the regroupment, the combativeness and mass character of the labour and people’s movement, to the organization of the daily struggle of the people, to the creation of a great people’s alliance, with the KKE strong everywhere. We need a strong KKE everywhere in order to prevent worse measures being taken by the anti-people local administrations in the municipalities and regions, so that we can struggle for the satisfaction of the contemporary needs of the people, so that we can pave the way, with the people in the forefront of the developments, for the breaking of the shackles of the EU, the monopolies, their governments, whatever name they may go under.

We consider the results obtained by the lists supported by the KKE in the 13 regions of the country and the majority of the municipalities to be positive and hopeful.

The results that have been counted so far show that they approach 9% of the vote. This trend, to a greater or lesser extent, demonstrates that the lists of People’s Rally in the municipalities nationwide have recorded a significant presence in all the municipalities that includes both the election of hundreds of municipal councilors and the possibility of fighting for the majority in some municipalities in the 2nd round.

We consider the still relatively high percentages of Golden Dawn in the municipality of Athens and in the Attica region to be particularly negative.

The second round of the regional and municipal elections will take place next Sunday. In some instances it seems we have a lot of potential to be in the second round.

For example in Patras, Petroupolis, Ikaria and elsewhere, the final results have not yet been confirmed.

We call on the workers, employees, self-employed, unemployed, pensioners, young men and women, who abstained and did not go to vote today for various reasons, others that want to resist the anti-people political line and voted for various other parties and lists, to increase the dynamism created in the specific instances where we are in the 2nd round by voting for ‘People’ Rally’ in the 2nd round, as well as by strengthening en masse the lists of the KKE in the EU parliamentary elections.

Where the lists of People’s Rally are not in the 2nd round, we call on the people to send a message of condemnation in relation to the parties and lists, whatever their name may be, that operate with the political line of assimilating the people into new mechanisms that have been created chiefly after the “Kallikratis” local government reforms as well as by the EU strategy for a Europe of the regions etc.

The electoral law with the 2nd round distorts the choice of the people. The KKE did not submit and is not going to submit to dilemmas and choose the lesser evil in each instance, which in the final analysis are demonstrated to be as bad or an even greater evil.

The KKE clarified this issue in a timely fashion from the beginning of the election battle, i.e. that the people should not choose any of the other lists.  This does not mean passivity or neutrality.

It means that we point to the path of the real way out for our people, together with the readiness, from the day immediately after the elections, for the tough confrontation and struggle in order to relieve the workers, unemployed, popular households, pensioners, youth, all those who suffer.

We call on the people to resist the false dilemmas “stability and recovery” or “destabilization”, the false expectations fostered by the ND-PASOK government, as the stability and recovery will be for big capital and not for the people.

SYRIZA on the other hand neither wants nor is able to save the people and pave the way for the overthrow.

The people should trust in the KKE, which is not bound by anti-people decisions, dishonorable signatures and dangerous consensus, unlike the other parties that seek the people’s vote and want either to continue their anti-people work or to become Caliph instead of the Caliph.

A vote for the KKE in the 2nd round of the local elections and in the EU parliamentary elections means that the preconditions can be created for the rebirth of the people’s movement for the concentration of forces to the benefit of the people. Lend dynamism to the KKE for positive developments which will take us forwards. Let us all be strong!”

KNE 2011