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19th Congress of KKE

Massive discussion into the youth about the decision of the 11th Congress of KNE and the policy developments in Greece

The monthly magazine "Odigitis”, which is the organ of the Central Council of Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), was released on Saturday, February 7, with the publication of the documents of the 11th Congress of KNE. The issue of February, contains in a special supplement, the decision of the 11th Congress of KNE, held on 18-21 of December 2014 with the slogan "KNE-the pioneer youth of KKE, combatively marching on the way for a socialist tomorrow, without crises, wars or exploitation", as well as the new statutes of the Organization voted in the Congress.

On February 7 and the following days, members and friends of the Organization, holding the magazine in hand , discussed with many people, especially the youth of workers' and popular strata.They organized meetings in workplaces , universities and schools, wherever youth exists, so as to spread as many magazines possible, for the documents of the Congress to reach everywhere.

At the same time also, they are discussing the articles and the texts of "Odigitis" about the general political developments in Greece, the strengthening of the KKE on the results of parliamentary elections and the change in bourgeois government, which does not mean a political change in favour of the people. This discussion is very important in order to strengthen the forthcoming struggles in Greece, so as to be able to organise the struggle for the recovery of the losses and the youth’s urgent demands against the monopolies and their power, against every bourgeois government, including the new coalition government of SYRIZA and ANEL, which will operate within the framework of the EU one-way street, the commitments to big capital, the monopolies, the EU and NATO, with the negative implications for the people and the youth. This ongoing discussion is of great importance, so that young people are not aligned under the interests of the greek bourgeoisie (or the bourgeoisies of other capitalistic countries), who asks for “national consensus” but actually speaks for compliance and enlisting to another formula of bourgeois management, which will ensure more state money for the monopolistic groups. Young people should expect nothing from the negotiations taking place in the opponent’s camp, but instead they should now organise their own struggle for their contemporary needs.

The members of KNE, as members of the youth of KKE, will continue in this way and they will increase their efforts and initiatives regarding the sharpening problems of the people and the youth (for example about unemployment). They will try more, for the massive participation of the youth of workers' and popular strata in regroupment of the labour-people’s movement, for the development of people’s solidarity, for the construction of the people’s alliance against the monopolies and the capitalist system.


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