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19th Congress of KKE

Student Festivals of KNE

Over the next few days, in the first half of April, the Student Festivals of KNE will take place throughout Greece and for the third consecutive year they will be embraced with great success by numerous students from all over the country.

KNE, addresses all students who care and are struggling for the school and the life that they deserve and are at the same time deprived of. Our right to education and life with dignity does not fit within the limits of the current rotten capitalist system, which provides young people only with poverty, unemployment, ignorance.

While funding of education is continuously reduced, the big capital is provided with allowances and tax exemptions and huge amounts of money are spent in NATO programs and missions. While 120 million people in the EU live below the poverty level and 26 million others are unemployed, our schools and homes are cold and the super market shelves filled with food, at the same time the shipowners get tax-free fuel and the industrialists cheap electricity.

All the school books and courses, as well as the European programs that are involved in our school environment, talk about the EU, its role and why it was built for. We are being told that EU ensures us the freedom to move, study, work and travel in it. The truth is that the industrialists and the shipowners are the truly free ones within the EU, to move their funds and find cheap and flexible workforce. The EU transforms education to an expensive commodity for the students and ensures unemployment and insecurity for them, while its´ anti-peoples commitments are fully respected by the new coalition government of SYRIZA-ANEL.


Our dreams do not fit within the EU limits and the limits of the system it serves.


KNE, invites students to fight for a school that will help them develop their personality completely and at the same time use their inclinations and interests to contribute to the progress of society. A school that will teach to the next generation the values of collectivity and solidarity, the values of cooperation and offer for a better world.

The Student Festivals of KNE are built with care by the members and friends of the Organization, which derives from their thirst for discussion, collective and cultural creation, sports and entertainment.

KNE addresses all students and young people because we all have a common interest:

  • The overthrow of the system that destroys our own life and the life of our families.

  • To build the new society of the real freedom, the life with rights, the socialist tomorrow.


…For the dreams to get revenge…

KNE 2011