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19th Congress of KKE

Student Festivals of KNE

73 Student Festivals of KNE took place during the last 2 weeks, all over the country, from Alexandroupolis to Crete and Rhodes to Corfu. The Student Festivals of KNE are being established as a meeting place of students who are concerned and fight for the life they deserve. This year, thousands of students across Greece, took part in the activities of the Festivals.


The great success of the festivals was assured by the fact that thousands of students from schools all over the country made teams to organize them, choosing original ways and diverse activities. For about two months, the students were preparing their own school project, videos, theatrical performances, exhibitions and dance activities. The participation of students in the thematic discussions held within the Festivals was quite encouraging. By the variety of the questions, it was made pretty clear that most of the students are deeply concerned about the current situation in their schools. Hundreds of students completed as well the questionnaires of KNE, about the European Union and their schools.

For another year, the Student Festivals proved to be a place of expression for many student groups, since several of them wrote their own lyrics, inspired by the daily routine of their own and their families. Many of these groups were created during the preparation of the festivals, after the call of KNE, and played for the first time there.

All the above mentioned rich activity developed for the Student Festivals, should be used in order to be expressed in other events in the coming months.


KNE 2011