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19th Congress of KKE

The inaguration of the Stage of Culture and Youth Creation of KNE on 25th of April

A very nice place that will host events and activities of all kinds of art, was inaugurated on Saturday 25thof April, in the center of Athens from the CC of KNE. This place is called the “Stage of Culture and Youth Creation”, and it's situated on Troy 36 str., in Victoria. The Stage is a new starting point and also a continuation of the long and multiple intervention of KNE.

The inauguration was attended by a large delegation of the CC of KKE headed by the GS of the CC of KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas who was toured at the premises of the Stage and then saluted the launch event.

The event opened with the greeting by Tasos Galanopoulos, member of the Bureau of the CC of KNE . After the greetings, the Sector Organisation of Training (Attica) of KNE was awarded for its participation in the creation of the Stage and the award was the work of D. Katsikogiannis "Captains of Engineering at Olympus", while all the builders and craftsmen who worked for the creation of the Stage were awarded with a reprint of the work of Tassos called 'Demonstration', which was made by him, for the 11th Congress of the Communist Party.

After that, the event continued with an artistic program, during which many members of KNE read texts and poems of Brecht, Hikmet, Mayakovsky, Ritsos, Livaditis, Anagnostakis and also they sang songs made by the poems mentioned before. Through the recitations and the songs the role of art and especially of the militant one became clear, in the world of the most progressive and pioneering ideas which are inspired by the struggle of the working class.

KNE 2011