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19th Congress of KKE

«Odigitis'» Feature on the anti-fascist victory of the peoples

With a special edition, a 24 page insert feature on 70 years since the anti-fascist victory of the peoples in 1945, «Odigitis» was released, organ of CC of KNE, of May, on Saturday May 2nd. In the insert feature of «Odigitis» the reader can find pictures and documents with:

  • Questions and Answers about the causes and the nature of the second World War.
  • Pages dedicated to the contribution of the people of the Soviet Union and the Red Army in the Victory and answers to efforts of counterfeiting historic truth about the contribution of the Soviet Union.
  • Pages dedicated in the contribution of KKE in the resistance of our people against  fascist conquerors.
  • Documents and pictures about crimes committed by the Nazi and capitalism generally during WWII.
  • Views of international developments after the War ended.
  • Theater, cinema, music and book suggestions related to the topic.
  • Articles about the conclusions that we have to keep in mind today.

KNE addresses the youth with this special edition of «Odigitis», pointing out: We learn the truth because history teaches us! We learn, we are inspired, we carry on!


KNE 2011