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19th Congress of KKE

Major event in Athens and other activities for the Anti-fascist Victory

These days, KNE has been organizing a variety of events to honor the 70 years since the Anti-fascist Victory of the peoples in many Greek cities. The activity of Athen's KNE Regional
Organization will culminate in the major political-cultural event that will be carried out by the
Central Committee of KKE, Saturday May 9th at 20.00, at the Kaisariani Shooting ground,(it’s a place where 200 communists were executed by Nazi occupiers on May 1st 1944) in 200 Heroes’ Square. The General Secretary of the CC of KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas will be speaking.




The poster for the major political-cultural event to honor the 70 years since the Anti-fascist Victory

The Kaisariani Shooting ground


Sector organizations of Attica Regional Organization of KNE are planning organized visits and tours at big expositions of archival material, pictures and works of art that KKE is organizing at Haidari and Kaisariani city halls (communist mayors were elected in these municipalities). In the rich, original and sensational archival material that’s being displayed, the following are also included: Handwritten newspapers from exile places, illegal propaganda material, announcements of KKE activity, the National Liberation Front (EAM), Greek Popular Liberation Army (ELAS), United Panhellenic Youth Organization (EPON) and other Resistance organizations. Illegal newspapers and printed material, as well as other material that shows and illuminates the heroic struggle of the communists and the EAM movement. There are also some materials that show the great contribution and the sacrifices, the heroism, of Soviet Union in the WWII.

This is a great opportunity for members and friends of KNE to be in contact with the history of KKE, and with some great moments of the Greek peoples’ struggle.


From the big exposition of archival material, pictures and works of art that KKE is organizing at Kaisariani city hall.


In Greece, as in other countries of Europe, there are so many places that are covered by the blood and the sacrifice of thousands of fighters in the struggle against fascism. In this way, KNE Organizations around the country are organizing events, historic walks in places where battles against fascism occurred or in political prisoners’ prisons, soviet and other antifascist movie screenings, expositions of pictures and cultural events.


From some historic walks



Video of KKE about the Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples



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