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19th Congress of KKE

Massive and combative rallies of Students of Universities and Technical Institutes

On Thursday, the 5th of November, across all over Greece, university students and students of technological institutes demonstrated for the education of the people's needs.

In the center of Athens, in front of the Headquarters of Greece's greatest University, thousands of students protested against the anti-popular measures promoted by the coalition government SYRIZA - ANEL after the appeal of Student's Councils and after the initiative of Students Militant Front (MAS). 

The main banner of the demonstration, as well as the speech, made by a student sent the message: "Together we are stronger , fighting for the education and the life we ​​deserve".  A greeting was sent by a member of the General Union of Palestinian Students in Athens, who referred to the crimes of Israel against the people of Palestine. After that there was a concert against fascism, followed by a theatrical event.

In Thessaloniki a massive and militant march took place to protest against the declaration of the mayor of the city about the "necessity of the imposition of tuition fees in universities". Early in the morning, students, members of 12 Student's Councils at the initiative of MAS held a symbolic occupation of the Ministry of Macedonia - Thrace.

Similar protests took place in the cities of Patras, Giannena, Xanthi, Heraklio, Chania, Chalkida and Larisa.

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