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19th Congress of KKE

Students Struggle Front (MAS): The 6th Nationwide Meeting, held on Sunday 22/11 in Athens was successfully completed with a massive participation.

"Together we can succeed! Against the EU and the governments! " Student-delegates from Universities and Technological Institutes delegates from 30 towns, 154 Struggle Committees and 54 student unions (a record participation, as 31 student unions took part in the last Meeting in December 2013) conveyed their valuable experience from the steps taken to rally forces to the Nationwide Meeting of the Students' Struggle Front. The most radical section of students, which is rallied in MAS, filled the amphitheatre of the Technological Institute of Athens on the 22/11 met for many hours and fruitfully and decisively discussed the militant regroupment of the student movement, the organization and coordination of its struggles so that it can rise up and block the barbaric measures of the SYRIZA-ANEL government and the EU. The work of the Nationwide Meeting ended with the election of the new Nationwide and Executive Secretariat of MAS, to which students of nearly every institution in the country were elected.

During the 6th Nationwide Meeting, solidarity and support for the fight against the barbaric measures and anti-people government policy - the EU, was expressed by the: Committee of Student Struggle from Germany, Coordinating Body of Athens School Students Struggle, the All Workers Militant Front (PAME, class-oriented labour movement in Greece), the Democratic Movement of All Scientists (Panepistimoniki) (militant academics and researchers) and Cypriot students studying in Greece from EDON. SYRIZA - ANEL swear fealty to the EU directives As regards the situation faced by the radical organized student movement, The introductory report of the meeting highlighted among other things: "This year's Nationwide Meeting takes place with a SYRIZA - ANEL government in place, where, along with the effort to implement the third memorandum, we experience the government's effort to ensure the tolerance of the student movement. This SYRIZA- ANEL government got the approval from the Federation of Greek Industries, the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises, the EU, the Americans and many other apparatuses of the system. It was chosen because the system considers it to be the best one to keep the people and the youth in inactivity. They have this ability to present themselves as "friends" to do their "dirty" work of continuing the anti-people measures. For this reason: We need to strengthen the effort to expose the government, so that the response of the students will match the attacks on our studies and future, instigated by the government, the EU and- plutocracy, part of a generalized and unified offensive against the popular families. < Our struggle must be aimed at the "root of the evil". That is, through their daily struggles we need to strengthen the struggle against the interests of the monopolies, the struggle for universities, for science and research that serve the modern, social and people's needs and not the profits of the business groups. We need to increase the rallying around MAS, with more student unions with more Year Committees, by making the existing ones more mass and creating new Struggle Committees which will express a common line and militant framework of demands. By raising the level of collective demands, the participation in mass processes while fighting to change the correlation of forces in the student unions, to strengthen the participation in the struggle for our contemporary needs. We need to strengthen the daily effort to impede anti-people government - EU policy, with a more militant plan. To become more proficient at implementing our militant plan in each phase. To measure, through this effort, small gains - "victories" - to raise obstacles so through their experience the students  can approach the power contained in the struggles, to boost their confidence to refute the notion that "nothing can be done" in a practical way. We must strengthen the rallying alongside the class-oriented  labour movement, PAME and other organizations of the antimonopoly  alliance. Because in this way the voice of the radical student movement will acquire strength, backing from the people. Because it will strengthen the effort of united response to the united attack that capital - governments - EU has declared on us ". Wherever MAS is strong the struggle develops "Where MAS is strong, students are more mobilized", "if you work each and every person, with stubbornness and perseverance, sooner or later the struggle will develop" are some of the conclusions that were made by representatives during the meeting.  A common component of the interventions that followed is the leading  action of MAS on  burning issues of students, such as lack of teachers, problems in Dormitories, poor alimentation, elimination of laboratories, enormous amounts of money for supplies etc. But also on issues such as collection of food and first aid material for  the refugees on the initiative of the MAS forces. Important initiatives are also those developed at many institutions for conducting sports tournaments, creating artistic groups in an effort to meet the needs of young people for Culture and Sport. Occupation so that no student will be out of accommodation In another development, residents from the student accommodation of Attiki moved in an occupation of the building of the Institute of Lifelong Learning (INEDIVIM) on the morning of  Wednesday, November 25 in coordination with the Students' Struggle Front (MAS). At the heart of the protest were the intense problems of student accommodation, but also the fact that many will be excluded. It is a fact that on Monday, November 9 the tax authorities examined the admissions for the Student Accomodation of the University of Athens, applications for admission that numbered  326, while there are only 162 available rooms! This means that 164 students are now thrown out of the student accommodation and  their studies, as they have no money to continue them. Students demand: Direct renting of rooms in a hotel by the responsibility of the University of Athens for the students who did not get in the dormitories. Immediate provision of rooms to students of the Polytechnic   of Athens who have applied. Utilization of the property of the institutions for the creation of new dormitories under the responsibility of the State. Government spending for the repair and refurbishment of all dormitories for humane living conditions. In their statement students emphasize that "we coordinate our fight and action, because together we are stronger. The right to free accommodation concerns all students. We will stay until a solution is found. We ask for support from all Students and Student Associations ".

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